Best 5 Kawai Digital Piano

Best 5 Kawai Digital Piano

People buy digital pianos as they are a simple way to learn to play acoustic piano and practice. The built-in music libraries and lessons guide you throughout the learning process and turn you into a pro with continuous practice.

Kawai is a known brand in the digital piano manufacturing industry. Their designs are minimalistic yet efficient and they can accommodate people with varied sets of playing skills.

Following are some of the best digital pianos manufactured by Kawai


(1) Kawai ES110 


Kawai ES110 


● Impressive Key – Action:  

The production of a digital piano matters a lot as it affects its sounds directly. The feel of the keys and the level of pressure it can register to make all the difference in a practice session. Kawai has used responsive hammer compact action to duplicate the experience of playing on a real acoustic piano.

● Acoustic Sounds:

The responsive key action of this model plays a big role in mimicking the grand concert piano. The notes are clear and recognizable.  This is because of its impressive polyphony range that is around 192 notes. The notes are crisp and clear, and you can hear the minute transactions in the melodies clearly.

● Connectivity:  

This model of Kawai offers a great range of connectivity with other devices. A MIDI port installed in it lets you connect to your computer, iPads and other similar devices.  Furthermore, its Bluetooth connectivity gives you the freedom to be connected with any Bluetooth enabled device wirelessly.

● Practicing Modes: 

 Since digital pianos are a great way to manipulate sounds, the editing options make this event more fun. Kawai ES110 has both dual and split modes that affect the tones in your piece.


● Authentic Experience:  

With the familiar acoustic sounds of grand concert and authentic key action, you can create an authentic piano experience for yourself without a traditional piano.

● Learning Experience:  

The practicing modes of ES110 and its onboard lessons make learning to play piano convenient.

● Built-in Speakers:  

Not many digital pianos have this feature and if they do, it’s not of the best quality.  ES110’s speakers deliver your music to the world with perfect timbre and composition of sound.

● Lightweight & Portable:  

ES110 is an efficient tool to learn the piano as it is lightweight which attributes to it being portable.


ES110 is the best choice for amateurs as it has various features to help you learn conveniently. It is easy to understand those features as they are simple yet effective.





(2) Kawai ES100 


Kawai ES100 


● Advanced Key – Action:  

It is essential that the keys of your digital piano are designed to mimic the design of that of a piano. This way you can recreate sounds of an authentic piano.

Kawai took this into consideration and designed their keys by using advanced hammered action IV- F. The pressure of your fingers will help you to create those symphonies you’ve heard played on a real piano.

● Acoustic Sounds:  

The advanced key action of ES10 is praised immensely because of its acoustic sounds that can resemble the melodies of that of a traditional piano.

● Built-in Speakers:  

If you are a pianist in a band or a soloist on the stage, then ES100 can help you a lot to ace any performance.

Its built-in speakers can entertain small crowds efficiently.

● Editing Modes:  

To make your performance exciting, there are around two to three sound editing modes. Split mode lets you split the various layers in your tone. Moreover, the dual mode lets you play with two tracks like a duet.


● Sound Quality:  

The sound quality of ES100 is exceptional because of its 192 notes polyphony. The dynamics of the melodies are evident because of the wide range of polyphonies.

● Sound Flexibility:  

The editing options let you play with various tones with utmost flexibility. These modes add a spin to old and simple tones.

● Portable:  

ES100 is lightweight and has basic connectivity that allows you to carry it anywhere you like. You can have a practice session at your house, studio or perform in front of a crowd without the hassle of transportation.

● Piano Lessons: 

Though it has advanced editing and playing options, it still allows you to polish your sounds via Alfredo piano lessons.


Kawai ES100 is the best digital piano to accompany you in your gigs. It is lightweight and easy to carry around in your music escapades.




(3) Kawai ES8 


Kawai ES8 


● Digital Key – Action:  

Once again, the dexterity with which the ES8’s keyboard is created is what makes it stand out among its peers. It uses advanced hammered action to give you the complete experience of playing on a real piano.

● Real Sound:  

The combination of its key action and sound source technology provides you with the ultimate acoustic experience. These sounds are real and authentic with detailed layers composition and timbre.

● Triple Pedal Style:  

There are three pedals included in its design which adds layers in your music. The damper resonance adds a twist in your sound that can provide a different kind of depth and variations in your tones.

● Connectivity:  

It isn’t a surprise that this model offers connectivity with other devices through USB MIDI and the likes.


● Quality of Sound:  

The various resonance and editing options uplift the quality of your sound and the impressive polyphony range lets you hear every bit of it.

● Furniture Style:  

The appearance of the ES8 resembles that of furniture and can fit in with your house’s interior just right in. You won’t need a storage space to accommodate it separately.

● Impressive Design: 

ES8 is a digital piano yet it closely resembles a traditional piano. It has a triple pedal unit that allows you to manipulate your music efficiently because of its resonance range.


ES8 resembles a traditional piano in various ways but mostly because of its appearance. It has triple pedals that let you play with a different kind of flexibility that you will not be able to achieve with any other piano.




(4) Kawai CE220 


Kawai CE220 


● Impressive Key – Action:  

The wooden keys of CE220 are fashioned using hammered action that instills a unique sensitivity in its design. The amount of pressure you put on your keys plays a big part in the production of its sound.  These sounds are digitally produced yet they duplicate the depth of an acoustic piano.

● Variation in Sounds:  

CE220 allows you to play with 22 sounds. These sounds are digitally produced yet you can practice with them without sounding fake.

● The authenticity of Tones: 

The advanced sound source and the hammered action give the tones of CE220 an authentic touch that is unmatched. The various layers in the melodies cannot hide the realness evident in your performance.

● Editing & Effects:  

CE220 has various onboard effects and editing options that manipulate the essence of your performance. It gives you a wide room to play and experiment with your sounds.


● Quality of Sound:  

The quality of your sound becomes exceptional using all the effects and editing at your disposal. The layers and complexity of your sound become evident through 192 notes of polyphony.

● Impressive Exterior:  

The exterior of CE220 resembles that of a traditional piano. It is heavy and can not be moved easily.  The key action together with the sound quality and the exterior create a perfect blend.

● Connectivity:  

CE220 connects devices with it and provides you access to extensive music libraries. Amplifiers and speakers also extend the reach of your sound.

● Triple Pedal Unit:  

The triple pedal unit lets you play with three different resonances.


If you are looking for a complete acoustic experience in both appearance and sound, then CE220 is the perfect choice for you.




(5) Kawai MP11 


Kawai MP11 


● Incredible Key – Action:  

MO11 has everything that you would expect from a professional digital piano and the first step to achieving the level of professionalism it promises is incredible key-action.  The grand feel technology with ivory touch sensors and triple sensors register your every press with the utmost sensitivity.

● Advanced Sound Quality:  

This grand feel key action won’t matter if the model’s sound quality doesn’t compliment it. The sound source it uses delivers each note you play with perfection to the audience.

● Categorized Sound: 

It doesn’t matter if these EPs are vintage or just backing sounds, you are provided with a vast categorical sound to play with.


● Updated Piano Action:  

The variety of piano action from acoustic to modern to jazz lets you try your hand at everything.

● Extensive Sample Memory:  

Sample memory allows you to experiment with various resonances and effects. You can access these tones just by a simple press of the button.


MP11 is the best model for you if you are a professional and love to play with various sounds and effects.




Final Words:  

ES110 and ES100 are the most suitable models for amateurs in the Kawai series. They are easy to understand, and the accompanying lessons help you learn as well.

On the other hand, MP11 is the perfect choice for a professional pianist and producer. It has plenty of sounds that help you experiment.