Best Digital Piano Bench

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To deliver a perfect piano performance entails more than just using the right instrument. Your comfort and posture matter just as much as your skills. An uncomfortable and wrong posture can throw you off your musical loop and stain your reputation. Hence, investing in a comfortable piano bench is never a bad idea for a pianist.

Following are some of the best piano benches available in the market that can help you perform comfortably.


(1) Palatino BP120 BK

Palatino BP120 BK

Palatino has been around for years and has built a name for themselves through extraordinary quality, excellence in design and exceptional worth. Their designs are inspired by Italian artistry and Roman designs that has such classic artistry that it is impossible to move on without admiring it.


● Comfortable Surface:
When you want to be immersed in your music then you need comfort apart from an environment that is free from distractions, Palatino BP-120-BK offers you just that. It has a surface that is padded with just the right material to help ease the tension in your behind during long practice sessions.

● Exceptional Quality of Wood:
Palatino makes sure that the material they use to make their products is of fine quality. BP-120-Bk piano bench is made from top quality wood to increase its sturdiness as a bench.

● Music Compartment:
A music compartment might come in handy when you want to store your books, music sheets or some other small stuff. Palatino understands the importance of such hidden treasures in accessories hence BP-12-BK is equipped with a music compartment as well.


● Aesthetically Pleasing:
BP-120-BK piano bench has a black polishing that stands out among the normal brown shades and tones of piano benches.

● Classic Design:
As stated earlier, the influence of Roman empires and Italian craftsmanship is heavy in Palatino designs hence the classic designs of its piano bench.

● Durable Material:
The wood used in its production and the technique used to cushion its surface both adds to its durability. It weighs around 16.8 pounds and can easily withstand the weight of a slightly overweight individual as well.




(2) Yamaha PKBB1


Yamaha PKBB1

Yamaha is a renowned name in the musical instrument market as well as among musicians. They have innovative designs and advanced technology that sets them apart from other companies. They have been a pioneer several new technologies and designs used in musical instruments.


● Padded Surface:
The seat of PKBB1 is padded with soft material that soothes out the tension knots in your body when you sit down on it. The padded layer is not just a thin layer, but its width is more than your hand’s grasp.

● Construction Material:
Yamaha uses steel in its construction that gives it a modern touch. Steel increases its durability ten folds and can last for years.

● Reach of Height:
Its height has a range of 19 inches to 21 inches which are perfect for playing on different sized pianos and synthesizers.


● Adjustable Height:
PKBB1 allows you to adjust its height at 19,20 and 21 inches. People with short height can take advantage of this feature without any reservations.

● Perfect for Travelling:
It weighs around 5 pounds and has a foldable design. This design adds to its efficiency and you can take it anywhere with you. You can pair this piano bench with a digital piano and practice wherever you feel like it.





(3) Korg PC500 BK

Based in Japan, Korg has always been eager to create exceptional musical experiences for its customers. It was invented some of the most remarkable musical instruments namely Doncamatic. Korg strives to produce some of the most unique and innovative designs in its career yet they don’t want to be a brand that is out of a layman’s reach.


● Comfortable Seat:
Unlike other piano benches, the surface of PC500-Bk is not extra soft and padded. It has a certain level of firmness to it that is Korg’s signature in the making. They believe in the traditional ways of providing comfort hence the minimal padding.

● Recommended Height:
Though this piano bench is not adjustable still it is designed in such a way that it can complement heights of several pianos and musical instruments.

● Sleek Design:
Korg’s has used minimalistic approach while producing this bench. The material used to cover its padding is satin which is a feel-good and extravagant material.


● Lightweight:
PC550-BK weighs around 15 pounds which is a standard weight of most piano benches. It isn’t as lightweight as Yamaha PKBB1, but it is still efficient.

● Exceptional Sturdiness:
The material used to manufacture this model is of fine quality. The wood is from Japan’s forests and has no match when it comes to its durability.





(4) Griffin Ebony Black Leather Piano Bench with Storage

Griffin Ebony Black Leather Piano Bench with Storage

Griffin is known to put their customers’ satisfaction before anyone else. Their designs are user-friendly as well as economical. Anyone with a few savings can buy them and fuel their passion for music. They have also never shied away from experimenting with new technologies.

Though Griffin is focused on assisting both amateurs and professionals that doesn’t mean their designs are ordinary. They appreciate luxurious and vintage designs equally hence their products are both economical and fashionable.


● Unmatched Comfort:
Griffin uses synthetic black leather whose quality is unrivaled when it comes to comfort and sturdiness. The feeling you get while touching this leather can alone convince you about its premium quality.

● Storage Space:
Storage space has become an essential part of modern piano benches. You can store your music sheets and related books in it for easy access.

● Double Seat:
Duet piano play is something that every pianist is familiar with. You perform with another person and both use the same piano simultaneously.


● Sturdy Design:
Griffin piano bench has a sturdy and durable design because of the premium quality wood used in it as well as the inclusion of superior black leather in its production. It assists the pianist in its posture that helps him perform better.

● Exclusive Warranty:
Manufacturers can out their customers’ minds to rest by providing them exclusive warranties and satisfaction guarantees. Griffin has done just that by offering a 1 – year factory warranty.

● Elegant Aesthetic:
Griffin products are customer-friendly because of their reasonable prices but that doesn’t mean that they compromise on their designs. Their designs are as aesthetics as any other elite brand.




(5) On Stage KT7800 Plus

On Stage KT7800 Plus

On Stage is in business since the 1970s, they are known to innovate early mics for stage and several other instrumental variations. They emphasize the value of efficient service coupled with innovative designs. They work closely with their retailers to ensure that the quality of their products is not compromised.


● Thick Cushion:
KT7800 Plus has a 2 inched thick cushion that is padded carefully with durable elastic material. It doesn’t use satin or leather in its padding, therefore, lacks the elegance and luxury.

● Foldable Design:
Its supports are X shaped and they are useful in its foldability. Once folded, you can take it anywhere you like without much difficulty. Its lightweight also assists in this task.

● Construction Material:
It is made from steel that is all welded and no screws are used except for the joints.


● Non-Slippery Surface:
The material used to cover its padding is elastic but that doesn’t mean its slippery. The non-slip rubber end caps prevent you from sliding down its surface

● Adjustable Height:
Its height can be adjusted at three different levels that help with posture while performing




(6) HomCom Faux Leather Piano Bench

HomCom Faux Leather Piano Bench

HomCom is the epitome of style and elegance that puts quality above everything else. It has incorporated some of the most useful technologies in its design to ensure error-free design.


● Construction & Design:
HomCom used pine and premium quality leather to fashion this sturdy bench. It uses anti-slip end caps and anti-scratch faux cover its long-lasting use.

● Modifiable Height Level:
It has the widest range of adjustable height from 18 inches to 22 inches.

● Music Storage:
Its storage compartment is bigger than most piano benches and can store a bunch of your books and music sheets easily.


● Luxurious Design:
The elegant material and the pushed button design have made it look extremely luxurious. It can fit right in with your house’s interior.

● Suitable for everyone:
Children, adults and anyone else regardless of their height can use this bench.




(7) Stagg Double Piano Bench

Stagg Double Piano Bench

Stagg is synonyms with construction, they have improved their designs constantly with the changing times. Using Hydraulic technology in their piano benches is proof of how they strive for innovation.


● Hydraulic Adjustability:
This trait is unique to Stagg and is praised for its efficiency. The hydraulic levers made adjusting height easy and efficient.

● Impressive Construction:
Apart from velvet, its supports are constructed from the sturdy material that can withstand heavy weight conveniently.


● Unique Design:
It has a black matte aesthetic with padding that is covered by soft velvet. It provides maximum comfort and supports the right posture.





Each of these piano benches has traits unique to their brand. Stagg’s hydraulic and Griffin piano benches stand out in the above list due to their amazing features and exceptional durability.