Digital vs Acoustic Piano

Traditional Acoustic Piano

People always have the confusion whether to choose a digital vs acoustic piano. A lot of debates have occurred over which type of piano is better. This used to be an easy decision for many individuals. On the other hand, due to the fact that technology is now changing, traditional acoustic piano enthusiasts now choose the features of digital grand pianos. Although the acoustic piano has the most natural tone among pianos, the digital grand piano continues to attract musicians with its musical digital capabilities, elegance and sound close to that of a real grand piano.

The digital grand piano has several advantages over the acoustic one. These advantages have truly captured the interest of many piano enthusiasts, beginners, and even advanced piano players. Let us understand each of the advantages of a digital grand over a traditional acoustic one.

Digital vs Acoustic Piano Features

Touch Sensitive Keys

Digital grand pianos have the capacity to reproduce in an accurate way the feel of a traditional acoustic piano. Excellent digital grand pianos have solid keyboard action and natural touch and feel. Also, good quality digital grand pianos may include a weighted key action that occurs to replicate the feel of a traditional acoustic piano. These pianos also have tone generator along with digital technology that provides pleasing and unique kind of tone. The feel of a piano is very important and must be considered by the piano buyer. The quality of feel from a digital grand piano just indicates how and what it is made of.

Low Maintenance

This feature of digital grand pianos is very rewarding for piano owners. Due to the fact that digital grand pianos don’t require tuning, it allows you to save time, effort, and money to hire a piano tuner. It is really an advantage for piano owners and musicians since digital pianos stay ‘’in tune’’ forever. Traditional acoustic pianos need tuning regularly, preferably every 6 months. Having your piano tuned twice a year can cost you about $200 or more.

Elegant Piano Case Same as Acoustic

Digital grand pianos are also known for their elegance and smaller and lighter size. They don’t contain all the hammers and strings and other bulky materials utilized in a traditional acoustic piano. But aside from these, digital grand pianos also look elegant with a piano case that is similar to that of an acoustic piano. This then makes a digital grand piano an attractive interior decoration for the home or wherever it is located.

Lower Initial Investment

The cost of a digital grand piano is quite cheaper as compared to a real acoustic grand. Thus, a lot of people can now afford to buy a digital grand piano. Price is indeed one of the primary factors which make people prefer this piano model. It only requires lower initial investment to have your own digital grand piano.

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