Famous Blind Musicians And Piano Players

Many blind musicians are performing equivalent to the masters. Their skills are outstanding. If we talk about a blind piano player, then they need to face a big disadvantage. They are not able to see anything such as – position of keys, notes guidelines, and so on. By overcoming these disadvantages, there are numerous black blind pianist and blind musicians set examples.
These ones are serving the industry with their great learning and artistic skills. Now I’m going to mention some information about the top-most blind piano artists.

Blind Singers – Blind Piano Players:


🎹 Ray Charles


Blind Musicians

When it comes to the famous blind musicians then the name of Ray Charles appears at the top. Blindness is a big disability; he worked hard and served in the industry very well. He was not only a pianist but also an excellent songwriter and singer. Unfortunately, he served last time in the year 2004 till his last day.

He and his fame inspired numerous blinds for exploring their skills and becoming a good artist. He was known for soul music genre and gave numerous impressive songs to the industry.


🎹 Stevie Wonder


Blind Musicians

Stevie Wonder is one of the famous blind pianist. He gets inspiration from Ray Charles. Stevie Wonder is blind from birth. You can rarely find out the artists like him in the industry. From the beginning, he has some excellent skills and a great sense of music.

If you focus on his career, then you can find some shocking things there. His first deal signed at the age of eleven. After that, he gave a contribution to numerous popular songs. With the day to day activities, he starts getting popularity all over the world.


🎹 Art Tatum

Blind Musicians

Art Tatum leaves a big impact on the jazz music genre. Art tatum was a pianist, and the most important thing is he cannot see. He always was trying to avoid being in the spotlight that he never came in front of the public. He was famous piano player in the industry for a good time period.


🎹 Ronnie Milsap

Blind Musicians

In case you check out the details related to the blind musicians, then most of the artists are choosing jazz and blues music genre. If you focus on Ronnie Milsap, then you find something different. He gets fame with the country music genre.

He is blind from the bright. As per his statements, in the childhood days, he spent time by paying attention to the gospel and country music. When he was at the age of seven at that time, his teachers noticed the musical talent. They tagged him with a natural & born musician.

He always put lots of efforts and tried to bring something new and good. For such a task, he tried to learn how to play different types of instruments. Total Disaster was his first single.


🎹 Nobuyuk Tsujii


Blind Musicians

The talent of Nobuyuki Tsujii is natural, and he is a great pianist. He plays the piano with the disability of blindness. Due to it, his talent is considered as extraordinary and becomes a reason for fame. When he was at the age of four at that time, he played jingle bells. It was his first time at the piano.

His first achievement was winning first prize in All Japan Music Competition for Blind Students only at the age of seven. He also won Century Orchestra Osaka at the age of ten.
In recent times, he is a well-known personality all over the world. Organizations in different countries conduct the piano shows of Nobuyuk Tsujii.


🎹 Moondog


Blind Musicians

Moondog is not an ordinary blind pianist. If we talk about the world, then there are numerous individuals facing unfavorable conditions and living on the streets. Moondog made their own decision and started living on the streets. He never took such a decision due to bad conditions or lifestyle. It was his choice to adopt such a lifestyle.

He always wore a dress like Norse God of Thunder. His style of creating music is unique and highly influenced by street noises like – foghorns and subway noises. Many other musicians get inspired by his talent and efforts.


🎹 Jose Feliciano


Blind Musicians

Jose Feliciano is serving the industry from 50 years, and still, he gives the contribution. He is working on different music genres. If we talk about the languages, then he is producing music in English and Spanish. He amazed all spectators with the skills of playing musical instruments.
These things are making him a popular blind musician. In case we focus on his achievements then “Feliz Navidad” his Christmas novelty song gets lots of fame.


🎹 George Shearing


Blind Musicians

George Shearing is popular all over the world for having some serious piano skills. He has a great journey in the industry. Mainly he is playing music in the jazz genre. In his complete career, he produced more than 300 songs completely original.
In the year 2007, Queen of England was knighted him. Another big thing related to his fame that he played music at the white house. He did such a great job for three different presidents. His piano skills are making him an honourable man. At the beginning of his journey, he played the piano in a local pub at 5£ a week only.


🎹 Blind Willie Johnson


Blind Musicians

If we talk about the Blind Willie Johnson, then some myths are appearing in the front. He was not blind from birth. According to the rumours, he became blind due to an accident. Once his mother threw lye on the face, and it leads to blindness.

After such an incident, he never stopped putting efforts in the music industry. He produced 30 different tracks in the career. In the industry, he never got a proper appreciation for the talent he had.


🎹 Kuha o


Blind Musicians

Kuha o does not count as a famous blind musician. He makes place on the list due to his excellent talent and skills. He is blind from birth, and at the age of fifteen, he started playing the piano. At this age, he was capable of playing any kind of song on the piano. For such a task, he wanted to hear the song at once only.