How To Clean Piano Keys

Clean Piano Keys

This article will cover the question which most of the piano players has been asking that How To Clean Piano Keys? Did you know that digital piano keys that are in good condition make for the production of good music? As such, you need to ensure that you keep your piano keys as clean as possible. Depending on how often you use the piano will determine how often you are required to clean it.

A number of modern rebuilt pianos on the market today come with plastic keys-something that is not common to traditional pianos. In the event that you are not certain of the kind of keys that come with your piano then you need to seek professional help in that department.

How To Clean The Piano Keys:-

The tips given below are effective ways to clean the digital piano keys without having to worry about causing damage to them.

Prepare the items you need for cleaning. These can include a clean piece of cloth and the solution for the water to be used. You can make use of a small bowl of warm water complete with light dish washing liquid-mix the two to form the cleaning solution.
With the cleaning solution at hand you will have to dip the clean piece of cloth into the solution and proceed to gently wipe it over the keys on the piano-be sure to clean them individually.

When you are done individually cleaning the keys with the damp piece of cloth, you will then have to make use of another piece of soft dry cloth to gently wipe off the cleaning solution.

In the event that even with proper care and dedicated cleaning you are not able to remove some stains then it is recommend that you contact a professional tuner or technician for help.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives while cleaning your piano.

Tips to proper piano cleaning

  • Always cover the piano when not in use to prevent dust accumulation on the instrument.
  • Steer clear of food and drink while playing on the piano as they are prone to spilling which spilling can result in avoidable damage.
  • Keep your hands as clean as possible before playing the piano
  • Place the piano away from windows in order to keep it away from cold or hot air, sunlight and humidity


  • As you clean, bear in mind that badly damaged keys should be referred to a professional
  • Never use any harmful chemicals over your piano keys as these can cause immense damage.
  • Steer clear of brushes and scouring pads as much as possible while cleaning the keys. Check to ensure that nothing is lying between the keys in case they get stuck.


With proper maintenance, your piano should be able to last for longer. You need to pay close attention at what you choose to clean the keys with. Avoid the use of harsh cleaning agents such as bleach and alcohol while cleaning the keys and keep the piano away from places in the home that are prone to moisture.

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