Korg SP 280 Digital Piano Review

Korg SP 280

If you love music and want to learn how to play the piano in the best way possible, you must have the right equipment such as Korg SP 280 . By having a digital piano by your side, any beginner can learn and develop their skills without spending a fortune.


One of the best beginner pianos you can try is the Korg SP 280. As you start playing this piano, you will feel as if you are play an acoustic grand piano. It provides a feeling close to that of a concert grand.

This particular digital piano includes high quality sounds such as organs, electric pianos, strings, grand pianos and more. Korg is renowned for their excellent sound quality.

Korg SP 280 – Main Features

Three Effects

Interestingly, the Korg SP 280 is a type of beginner digital piano that can features 3 amazing effects. These effects include brilliance, reverb, and chorus. The brilliance will help you to adjust the tone’s brightness while the reverb can stimulate the reverberation or natural ambiance. Lastly, the chorus can add spaciousness.

30 High Quality Sounds

One of the best features of this digital piano is that it contains 30 expressive, high quality sounds that include clavs, strings, organs, harpsichords and more.

Great Pedal Effects

Korg SP 280 as a beginner digital piano includes a damper pedal that will function as the half-damper pedal. That way you can easily vary the effects of the damper according to how far you can press its pedal.

Includes Line In and Line Out Jacks

While you are playing this digital piano, you can simply connect the portable audio player or any similar device into the mini-jack stereo (Line in jack). You are also allowed to use the phone jacks (Line out jacks) so that you can connect the particular recording device or amplified speakers.

Key Feel and Playing Experience

The Korg SP 280 features a full 88 key layout with fully weighted authentic feeling keys. For beginners, this is very important because it can you help you transition to an acoustic piano in the future as you progress.



Korg SP 280 is an excellent stage piano, it has a line-out jack for use with a PA system. Furthermore, it is very lightweight and easy to transport. This digital piano is excellent for gigs and stage use.
It includes a built in stand.


The only downside of this digital piano is that other users experienced the right speaker being partially blown out, this is due to a manufacturing fault in some models. However in newer batches this is fixed.


If you are looking for a digital piano that can effectively help you improve your skills in playing piano, Korg SP 280 is the best solution for you. It gives you the opportunity to play conveniently at gigs and on stage, and is an excellent option for a beginner pianist.

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