Professional Akai MPK Mini Review

Akai MPK Mini

Today we will be giving a midi controller Akai MPK Mini review to those that want to upgrade their controllers or other people working in the studio and interested in getting proper equipment. This means people that want better stuff to work on should read this review.

If you want to use this controller for a real live show, it will go off with a big bang.
Using the keyboard or the pad allows you to unleash your creativity with your multi-skills.
It is also small and portable to be put into a small backpack so that you can carry it around everywhere.

Let’s see what the advantages of using the Akai MPK Mini are.




Akai MPK Mini Review

This general guide will cover all features and signatures of the Akai product, along with the downsides and whether you should or should not buy this product, and whether this product will suit you or not.

How Do You Use This Product

If you are going to use Akai MPK Mini for the studio, it will prove to you that it is going to be very versatile. It can coordinates beats and patterns like no other, and it is like creating your groove in your studio. Soon you will be rocking to your beat immediately.

Akai Drum Pad

Akai MPK Mini

The drum pad is made out of soft cushion that lets the owner produce patterns with the drum pad by touching the drum pads. Time to get serious! Everyone can soon be an expert in creating music patterns when using this drum pad. Sound studio experts work on this to produce music for TV shows along with other professionals to fully utilize the controller. If you are new to this, read more reviews and ask some of the current musicians to help you. Also, make sure to read forums relating to this drum pad.

The size of the pads is not mini-sized, which makes a musician like me glad to use it. If not, I won’t ever consider using it. The pads are great considering its controls, and you need to be gentle on the keys if you smash them too hard with the fingers you will destroy the pads.
However, Akai is well-renowned for their pads, and they are the best models for the new musician producing their brand of music. If you love R&B, you will love this model for sure as it will let you know how to make the perfect beats. These pads will let you make the best music expressively, and if you want to lay down some great music, press the pads harder. It is fun to play with the pads.


Akai MPK Mini

The keys are small, and it was I expected. They were a little stiff as well, but the notes are helpful to hear when you hit your fingers down to them. One thing that never goes untouched is that people go mad when they mess with the keys- they love it! This makes sense if you like playing the keyboard, but you cannot break the keys by playing on the standard piano by playing chords on this device. The manual is small, and it can be broken easily. They are not regular everyday keyboards. The keyboards aren’t the supertype of the keyboard to use, but these are not the worse. Make sure to be gentle with the manuals and if you run into problems by breaking the keys, send it back to Akai for repair, and hopefully, it is still under warranty. There are three levels for different levels of pianists.


Akai MPK Mini

The joystick is fun to play with, but you need to exercise caution not to break it. However, if you are on a budget to get a small keyboard, this is the best option. Overall the pitch bend works excellently, although it is not very stiff. I treat it as if it is a baby, and I don’t want to break it. I have heard of other users using it roughly, but people don’t tell the truth all the time. I’ve noticed how people treat their instruments like it was made out of iron and properly maintain themselves, but their toys crack – of course!

Basic Features of Akai MPK Mini

This Akai product is compatible with Mac, Windows and IOS. This controller is portable, not wired, so that means you can charge it up and plug it into your laptop and use it when you are on the go.

Other people that love this brand is going to be delighted that the controller has some other specialties:

It has sensitive keys and appropriate controls. It is also easy to configure, as well. The layout is also rather easy to read.

There are lots of controls and buttons on the controller to create the best music for your fans and listeners. We have an MPC software and a synthesizer to fix all the best stuff for you.

So let’s get started on the Signature Features.

What does this mean? When looking at the Akai MPK Mini device, you will be surprised to see a red joystick on the top part of the invention. That stick can move 360 degrees and can control the pitch of the music. You can generally move it in every direction. You will produce the best ball needed for your music with this joystick.

The joystick can produce different pitches. The software can be used to configure all controls needed.

There is also arpeggiator controls. These controls consist of 6 monitors.

First, you need to turn the controls off. You have some tempo controls and controls for the keyboard.

The buttons below control the drum pads:

The first button controls the sensitivity of the button, letting the user use instrument notes. They can create any sound that they would like to hear.

The second button can mute or repeat the soundtrack.

The keyboard is used to produce multiple functions. It can create different arpeggiation patterns and different swing levels. It also has controls for arpeggiation controls. These controls are used with a shift key.

The Akai drum pad has soft pads that are sensitive to touch and provide an excellent experience for the user. It also has attractive LED lights built in it to make sure that the user has a unique user experience. The sensitivity is better compared to other existing models, and the user will find these pads tremendous and versatile to use, and easy to use as well. The top right corner has mappable knobs that give the user great control over the whole device.

The knobs are smaller, but if you expect a smaller version that you need to make do with this model.

There are a few knobs to control your music.

There are a program button and CC buttons to configure the settings correctly.

Advanced Features

However, this device does not have a power supply, but this is a plus point. You need to plug and play. It also has an exclusive VIP membership so that you will be able to connect to other virtual instruments as well. This works with every device, and it is also rather easy to use. It doesn’t take much time to learn the tactics of operating this device, and it is rather simple to use too. This device is nice to feel plus its rather intuitive.

There are no setbacks in using this device. It also has a simple interface which is a great option to use for newbies and experts. It is also an excellent tool for people to use it every day. The manufacturers of this studio read customer reviews so they made an improvement on the first version and then they created a brand new second version for users to enjoy. Moreover, the manufacturers also packaged the device with some more modern production software as well.

It has quite a solid built, and it is not very breakable at all. However, as it is lightweight, you might need to buy a casing for the device to avoid it from getting damaged or scratched if you pop it in the laptop bag. As everything is right in your hands, you can pop into the container that you are carrying and grab everything that you need. There is no fake audio sounds from the piano. It might sound off at some time, but you can adjust it to work correctly.

Pros of The Akai MPK Mini

This midi keyboard controller has a lot of top features that other midi keyboards do not have. It is also cheaper than other consoles. Anyone can use these keys, and it is easy to use too. People that do not have much experience in making music can hop in and start playing the notes to produce the best music right away. This device is excellent for the beginner producer. It lets the user design all types of different melodies. There are endless possibilities in creating new music with this device. The best reason is that this device does not require any drivers to perform. Professionals use this device every day, making it one of the best midi keyboards to work with. It is also highly portable, letting you take it about every day to places that a wired keyboard would never be possible. You can also use the given software to go through how to use the knobs and keys on the device. There is also no mini controller, but beginners can utilize them pretty well too.

Cons of Akai MPK Mini

The keys of the keyboard do not feel like they have a solid feel in it, as they are created from thinner plastic compared to other models. The knobs are smaller too. The manufacturer wanted to create smaller knobs so that they can have more space to put other stuff on the keyboard. They also need to make sure that everything on the area is entirely in sync.

The unit cannot tolerate liquid matters, so if you spill coffee on it, you might need to take it for repair. And, no stuff like wet towels should be near it as well.

You might want to get proper airflow when you are using akai mpk mini, so use a mini portable fan to cool down the keyboard when using it for an extended period.


The akai mpk mini II is one of the most versatile and portable keyboards on the market that offers great functions for a low price. Regardless of its downsides, it is an excellent device for a new music producer.