Roland Digital Piano – Top 3 Electronic Piano Reviews

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Roland FP 7

You may find that Roland Digital Pianos are priced higher than many of the other Electronic Piano Keyboard.

but with a Roland Digital Piano the saying “You get what you pay for” is truly an accurate statement that has proven to make a big difference with Keyboard and Piano Performing Artists

We will feature many of the Roland Digital Pianos in our reviews over the next few pages.

but first we want to review the Roland FP-7 The newest version of what has come to be known as Roland’s flagship of Digital Keyboards.

Equipped with great sounds and intelligent features, the FP-7 excels at delivering concert piano sounds with the intricate details of an acoustic piano. You get touches like hammer and damper noise and string and key-off resonance, all delivered with a powerful 88-key multi-sampled piano sound engine. These authentic piano sounds are matched by the play of the Progressive Hammer Action II keyboard.

You also get the key tones needed for ensemble or band performances thanks to 339 other tones including 6 tone wheel organ voices and 9 drum sets all with 128-voice polyphony. The FP-7 comes with reverb, 62 digital effects types, 4-band EQ, a graphic LCD for easy operation, and rich, sparkling sound from internal speakers. Advanced features like USB/MIDI computer connection, computer recording with Cakewalk SONAR LE (included), and an Audio Key mode that lets you play WAV files from a USB key.

Roland V

The Roland V Piano is without a doubt the greatest innovation of the Vintage Fender Rhodes Keyboard of the 1970′s but with all of the Roland Digital Piano features rolled into one.

A digital piano with exceptional sound and feel plus a pedal and stand so it’s performances ready.

This kit provides you with Roland’s exceptional V-Piano, a digital stage piano with sonic versatility and amazing sound, a 3-function foot pedal, and the KS-V8 stand, built specifically for the Roland V-Piano.

With the V-Piano, you can throw away all preconceived notions of what a digital piano was and is. Since 1972, Roland has pioneered many groundbreaking technologies and “world’s first” products. In recent decades, no family of Roland instruments has won more respect and acclaim than the revolutionary “V” series: V-Accordion, V-Bass, V-Drums, V-Guitar, and V-Synth. The next chapter in the V legacy, the Roland V-Piano changes everything.

Breaking Barriers The V-Piano soars above the limitations of past technologies with its revolutionary “living” piano core, allowing every note to respond and evolve naturally, seamlessly, and perfectly without requiring samples.

Create Your Dream Collection

With the V-Piano, you can choose from beautifully crafted vintage grand-piano presets or you can create your own custom dream collection. Vary the hardness of the virtual hammer felts. Experiment with exotic string configurations and tunings. Put a world-famous grand under your fingertips or play a futuristic piano that has never been heard before.

New PHA-III Ivory Feel Keyboard Even the most demanding pianist will appreciate the V-Piano’s PHA-III Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement. This advanced keyboard technology reproduces the real feel of ivory for the natural keys and ebony for the sharps. Even the subtle click feel when the “hammer” is released from the key (escapement) is reproduced.

Friendly Complexity High technology doesn’t have to equate to high complexity for the pianist. With its clean control panel and logically designed user interface, the Roland V-Piano is amazingly fast and friendly to navigate. Even deep-level editing is easy to access and understand. You’ll be customizing and creating new sounds within minutes of first touching the digital piano.

Kid’s Piano

While Roland USA does not yet offer an entry level “Kid’s Piano” per say…CASIO is probably known best for their great line of “Entry Level” Electronic Piano Keyboards.

They do offer several “Pro Level” Piano Keyboards… and they are tough to beat in terms of Price, and “Bang for your Buck”. But this is also why in our opinion…that these two Beginner Pianos are the best in their class. Many others are pricey and are merely toys.

In our opinion Casio has designed the best Kids Piano in these keyboards to make learning piano for kids a breeze!

Take a look at these two if you are serious about getting your child started in learning to play the piano.

This is probably the best first Keyboard for children on the market.

The Casio 44-key SA-76 offers all discoverers of music the essentials for playing those first tunes. 100 tones, 50 rhythms and 10 integrated songs provide variety – the LSI sound source and the 8-note polyphony ensure good sound quality. The LC display helps with selecting and calling up the different music options.

Casio LK 230

The Casio LK-230 offers excellent learning tools and great sounds at a remarkable price!

Not only does the 61-note Casio LK-230 feature the helpful Step-Up learning system it also keyboard also inspires musical creativity. Its Voice Pad function makes it really simple to play back voice samples and other sounds and effects. The LK-230 also includes the AHL sound source that boasts of 48 notes, 150 rhythms, an extended automatic accompaniment feature with an on-bass chord, and a large, easy-to-read display.

The 61 light-up keys on the LK-230 keyboard guide you through a whole host of songs. A practice piece is divided into individual sections and then learned step by step, just like in a traditional music lesson. This 3-level, interactive learning system features light-up keys and offers a simple way to achieve your goals.

Additional Benefits of the LK 230

Some additional benefits of the LK 230 includes vivid sound diversity in that LK230 can play 48 notes simultaneously. Also, the innovative 400 AHL tones produce top-quality sound perfectly suited to both classical piano music and other genres. 150 rhythms provide you with a colorful overview of the world of music, and you can listen, sing along, and play along while the LK-230 stores 110 top quality songs.

The large easy-to-read LC display shows you key information at a glance. whether you’re giving a live performance to an audience or alone in your living room an impressive 10 reverb effects enhance the sound diversity of your keyboard.

The tried and tested interface quickly and simply connects your Casio keyboard with the computer. plug and play with Windows XP/Vista and Mac from OSX 10.3 ensures optimum compatibility.

Recordings can be played back with the keyboard and pads using the sampling function  and 10 additional sound effects are provided to boost the fun factor.

Voice Pad function

The Voice Pad function provides a simple way of playing back voice samples, as well as other effects and sounds using the keyboard’s pads. Moreover the audio-in function lets you record your own samples of up to ten seconds, which can then also be played through the Voice Pad function. In addition, you can simply plug in and get singing.

The Casio LK-230 has a practical microphone input that allows users to sing along to a selection of songs or make recordings using the sampling function. It’s easy to connect a CD or MP3 player to the audio input and play along with your favorite song on the keyboard.

The 110 practice pieces in the Song Bank of the electric keyboard can be controlled in manner similar to CD player through the Song Bank Controller, allowing players to easily practice the piece.

The system features two loudspeakers and with a power of two watts it produces an impressive and balanced sound.