Six Learning Piano Tips to Help Beginners

Learning Piano Tips


When learning to play piano, one of the most helpful learning piano tips you will ever hear is to practice as much as possible. Time set aside strictly for practice is important, but playing for pleasure counts as well. Sneaking in a few moments for fun and relaxation will help polish your skills quickly, and it won’t feel so much like work.

Keep Motivated

To keep yourself motivated when figuring out new music, try to have one piece you learn for fun. This should be a song you already know and enjoy. By choosing a song you already love, you will know what it should sound like. This will help prevent you from getting stuck at any point in your process.

Online Learning

Online video sharing networks have plenty of piano tutorials for all skill levels. Do a search for what you need, and find some channels that are directed to students on your level. You can hear tips, interact with other musicians, and learn step by step how a piece should be played.

Ask Questions

Never be too shy to ask questions of people who play. This may seem like an obvious statement, but you are not limited to your books and the internet for resources. Some instrument stores offer lessons, or can put customers in touch with an expert to help them find answers.

Write Lyrics

Writing lyrics, the sillier the better, can help you memorize a song quickly. There’s no need for your lyrics to make sense as long as they are memorable to you. With tricky pieces, you can sing along in your head to help recall what part of the music comes next.

Good Habits

One of the most solid learning piano tips you will find is to establish good habits. Proper posture and positioning may feel unnatural, but make it easier to learn your instrument. Once you have really become adept at your music, you can start to break the rules; but first, you must learn to follow them.