Top 10 Best Casio Digital Piano 

casio digital piano

The piano is a difficult feat and is very difficult to achieve overnight. People in the old days had to struggle much more than us to learn to play on a traditional acoustic piano.Casio Digital Piano are expensive and required the utmost concentration of the player to be able to play a decent piece.

The new age of technology has changed the dynamics of music culture. Now, you don’t have to be rich to learn to play on a piano. You just must have a drive and the right instrument to do so.

The digital piano market has expanded greatly in recent years. People have started to use them because of various reasons, but the most important reason is that they are cheap and highly portable.

Professionals, as well as the amateurs alike, opt to buy these digital pianos to practice as well as learn to play on them.


(1) Casio Privia PX160 

casio digital piano


● Acoustic intelligent Resonator (AiR):

It is difficult to make a digital piano sound authentic. Most of the digital pianos available in the market lack the grit and warmth of the tones that come out of a real piano.

To combat this problem, manufacturers use different technologies. Casio has taken the same approach by introducing Acoustic intelligent Resonator (AiR) in its design.

By using such technology, they were able to make PX-160 produce sounds that can be mistaken as the authentic sounds of a grand concert piano. Moreover, it adds endless dynamics and layers in your performance.

● Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action:

Just using an advanced sound technology is not enough to create authentic melodies with real sounds. The design and texture of the keys matter as well.

Casio digital piano uses Tri-Sensor technology to scaled hammer the 88-keys of this model. This approach makes the keys feel authentic and natural on your fingertips when you play.

● Various Practice Modes:

This feature is special to the digital nature of the piano. It gives you the choice to either practice with a duet mode or just practice silently.

Furthermore, you can split, mix and layer your sounds according to your preferences.

● Connectivity & Recording:

The silent mode mentioned above has an inkling with the model’s ability to have two headphone jack outputs. It also has a built-in recorder to capture the different sounds you’ll produce while practicing in a silent mode.

Apart from this, you can also share your tunes and production through an amplifier connectivity option.



● Complete Package:

By purchasing this bundle, you’ll be getting more than just a keyboard. The model has a stand that makes it look like furniture and has an accompanying wooden bench.

The stand also has an SP33 3-pedal system to add diversification in your tones. Learning lessons and instrumental DVDs are a great way to sharpen your piano skills. The lessons included have extensive knowledge that can benefit an amateur as well as a professional.

● Suitable for all Skill Levels:

To use this model, you don’t have to be an amateur or an expert. It is made to accommodate everyone with a varied set of piano skills.

● Authentic Sounds:

Though PX-160 is a digital piano yet the sounds it creates are closer to what a real grand piano would sound like. This is possible because of the AiR technology used in it.

● Unique Keys:

Hammered Action is used to mimic the texture and design of an original piano’s keys. This means that the lower part will have more substance than the higher part.

● Silent Performance:

If you live with roommates or with your family and they get disturbed by you practicing, then its silent mode comes in handy. You can just attach a headphone with the piano and listen to yourself practice without disturbing anyone else in the vicinity.


PX-160 is a model that can be used by anyone from an expert to an amateur. Because of its silent mode and practicing mode, it is also the best piano for those who live with other people and don’t want to disturb them when they practice.





(2) Casio LK190

casio digital piano



● Step up Lesson System:

Learning to play the piano was never this easy but the Step-up Lesson System of this piano has made the impossible a reality. It is a mode that lets you learn any song’s arrangement phase by phase.

● Lighted Key Guide:

This feature is useful together with the Step-up Lesson System. The built-in system will guide you through a song’s arrangement by lighting up the keys. This way the player will know when to press what key to keep up with the song.

● Sound EFX Sampler:

This feature allows experimenting with numerous sound effects to spice up your piano lessons. People using this feature can access the songs and rhythms stored in its built-in library.
It is important that we mention its built-in microphone too as the sampler feature won’t benefit you much without it.

● Variation in Sound & Tones:

The model has a built-in library that has everything from songs and polyphonies to rhythms and tunes.
To be precise, it has 150 rhythms, 48 notes polyphony, and 400 tones. You can clearly hear the transactions in tones because of the variations in polyphony range.



● Instructional Design:

The Step-up Lesson System and the lighted keys make an exceptional learning guide. People who struggle with phase arrangements can take advantage of this unique design.

● All-System Friendly Connectivity:

Nowadays, most speakers and amplifiers have a USB lead connectivity. That’s why this model’s USB jack output comes in handy.

● Song & Rhythm Library:

The extensive built-in song library that allows the player to choose anything from it to practice is an excellent addition. No need to worry about transferring songs from your laptop and computers to your piano when you can tap into them just by pressing a few keys.


Anyone who is at the learning stage can find this model a great help. It can help you learn and grow as a pianist with simple instructions.





(3) CASIO PX5S   


casio digital piano



● Advanced Sound Technology:

Casio digital piano has used the same advanced technology that they have used in almost all their Privia models.

Acoustic intelligent Resonance (AiR) is a sound technology introduced by Casio to make their digital pianos sound like an authentic piano. It can give your digital piano’s sound the depth and warmth of a grand concert piano.

● Variation in Backup Sounds:

To make your practicing session a success, Casio has added several backup sounds to this model’s library. Some of the sounds that are included in it are synth and clav sounds along with the harpsichord and electric piano.

Simply choose your preferred sound and play along with it to create a more accurate performing experience.

● Wide Range Polyphony:

It is essential for your digital piano to have a wide range of notes of polyphony. That way you can hear each tone and rhythm in your melodies and practice well.

Casio digital piano PX 5S has 256 polyphony notes that is one of the highest numbers you’ll ever get in a digital piano.

● Authority & Control:

Buying a digital piano automatically means that you’ll have little authority over your sounds and music. Everything is predetermined for you but that’s not the case with PX-5S.

It has a master controller that lets you control its 4 zones in perfect harmony.

● Hammered Action Technology:

Incorporating impersonating sound technology and built-in practicing modes are not enough to give you the best piano learning experience.

How your fingers feel while playing on a digital piano is also a matter of great importance. That is why Casio digital pianos uses Tri-Sensor Hammered Action II technology to make you feel like you are playing on a traditional piano.



● Authentic & Real Sounds:

The tones you’ll hear while playing PX-5S will make you think that they are tones being played at a piano concert. Their warmth and authenticity are hard to match.

● Practicing Mode:

Practicing with PX-5S is easy as it offers a variety of backing sound to help you practice with a group or band. The vintage electric piano sounds will be able to add layers in your performance without you having to pull some extra strings.

● Clear Tone Identification:

It has a 256-tone polyphony that means every timbre, tone, layer, and rhythm of your melodies will be clear and recognizable for the listener.

● Complete Bundle:

You don’t have to keep moving around with your piano to look for a suitable place to keep it. It comes with a stand, a sound pedal, and headphones.

Headphones connectivity allow you to practice on your instrument without disturbing anyone


PX-5S looks like a complete digital package while still retaining the traditional piano’s authenticity. You can use amplifiers and speakers to practice with the provided samples and stimulations.





(4) Casio PX850 BK


casio digital piano



● Improved Sound Source:

The staple sound technology that Casio digital piano has been using in its previous Privia series models makes a comeback in PX-780 as well.

Acoustic intelligent Resonance (AiR) make the melodies imparting from its digital system sound real and authentic. Some might mistake this sound to that of a grand concert piano.

● Authentic Key Production:

The Tri-Sensor Hammered Action is also a recurring technique used in the Privia series. It gives you the feeling of playing on a real piano.

This means that when you play on a real piano after practicing on PX-780, it won’t be hard to adjust your skills on a real one.

● Varied Tones:

It offers a great deal of variation in terms of tonality and sound editing. For instance, there are 18 built-in tones among which 3 are direct.

The model also has the facility that lets you split and layer your sounds as well as shift its octave.

● Exceptional Stimulation:

The stimulations offered by PX-780 are of various range. It includes a key off stimulator and a lid stimulator in its design that helps you put a spin in your performance.



● Music Library:

Casio allows you to access 60 pre-set songs and 10 user songs from its built-in library. This way practicing becomes easy and convenient.

● Built-in Pedals:

The model includes 3 built-in Pedals that allows the player to add a spin to the performance. The cabinet play also deserves a mention.

● Connectivity & Recording:

The model shows compatibility with standard amplifiers and speakers. It also has a USB line in and out that adds to its improved connectivity.
The built-in recorder lets you record one song with two tracks.


PX-780 has exceptional editing parameters and practicing modes that allow you to breach out of your comfort zone. The damper, string and hammer resonance adds character to your play.





(5) Casio PX150


casio digital piano



● Superior Sound Engine:

The new superior Sound Engine installed in this model allows it to produce dynamic sounds with a newfound depth warmth and expression in it.

This is all made possible by the Acoustic intelligent Resonance (AiR) sound source incorporated in its design. This sound source lets you recreate the sound of the grand concert piano.
Moreover, the improved memory makes the sound more authentic and natural.

● Authentic Key Action:

The Tri-Sensor Hammer Action adds substance to your performance. While playing on this keyboard, you won’t feel like you are playing on a fake copy or toy.

The ebony texture and keyboard authenticity will help you in improving your skills.

● Editing Parameters & Tones:

The editing parameters of this model are versatile. It has a hammer, damper and string resonance along with layer mode and octave shift.

If you want to recreate a duet performance in solitude, then switch to duet mode which will provide you with accompanying notes. This way you’ll be able to create an illusion of a duet performance while practicing.

● Unique Stimulation:

It has a lid stimulation that can be changed according to your preference from half to full and so on.



● Built-in Tones:

It has 18 tones built-in which allow you to play and experiment. Furthermore, the extension in its polyphony notes is of great assistance here.

● Exceptional Sound Quality:

The unique sound source, polyphony and various kinds of resonances and stimulation make the quality of its sound remarkable. It is expressive as well as unique with simple functionality.

● Protected Covering:

It is portable because of its light weight. That’s why a thick cover with a shock absorbing technology will come with it to protect the keys from potential damage.


If you live a life on the go and need to travel a lot then buying this model will go in your favor. It is easy and safe to carry around because of its lightweight and protective cover.







casio digital piano


● Pure Piano Sound:

Acoustic intelligent Resonance (AiR) pushes the sound quality of the piano to the purest quality of an acoustic sound. It has the grit, the warmth and the timber needed to keep your melodies pleasant and closer to the real thing.

● Triple Pedal Unit:

The sound quality of the piano is not only the responsibility of its sound engine. The triple pedal unit has various kinds of resonance and stimulation to add layers and variation in your sound.
The damper resonance together with string resonance can produce the finest sounds.

● Various Practice Mode:

There are at least 10 orchestral pieces that you can access in the built-in system of this model to hone your skills. Furthermore, the tempos and layers of the melodies can be manipulated according to your practice preference.

● Key Action:

Practicing on a digital piano won’t help you improve your skills if the feel of the keys is different from that of a real piano. That is why Casio uses a Tri-Sensor Hammered Action to make these keys feel like that of an acoustic piano.



● Exceptional Sound Quality:

The sound quality of this piano is exceptional because of its deep and varied timbre and resonance. The triple pedal unit also builds the depth of the sound.

● Extended Warranty:

An extended warranty shows a manufacturer’s confidence in its product. That is why Casio giving their buyers a 3-year extended warranty shows their reliability on the product.

● Practice Pieces:

There are 10 orchestral pieces and various pre-set arrangements that you can access to practice.

● Adds to the Aesthetics:

PX-760 comes with a stand, a cabinet and a three pedal unit which adds to the aesthetics of not only the instrument but also surroundings.


PX-760 is famous for its concert play and improved sound quality. If you want to practice the traditional sounds and acoustics, then buying this model should be your priority.





(7) CASIO PX 560


casio digital piano




● Authentic Key Action:

It is important that the keys of a digital piano are made to resemble the keys of an acoustic piano. That is why scaled hammer action is a technique used to achieve the above-mentioned goal.

The higher part of the keys has low substance while the lower part has a higher substance. The weight on either part of the keys imparts different sounds.

● Exceptional Sound Synthesis:

The sound synthesis is the technique used to add layers and depth in the quality of your sound. Its hex layer synthesis is what makes such derivation in sound quality possible.

● Improved Polyphony:

The range of polyphony of any digital piano tells you how clear a sound will be and how many notes you will be able to hear. The polyphony note range for PX-560  is 256 notes.

● Practicing Material:

Most digital pianos make sure to include pre-set songs and arrangements to help amateur practice. PX-56  includes a total of 600 pre-sets for their users.



● Complete Package:

This model comes with a complete set of accessories that facilitates you during your practice and performance. An X tier bench and stand give you the much-needed comfort and support.

● Unique Design:

The assembly of this model is unique and reliable. The heavy tension spring and the reverse polarity switch give you a different kind of control over your performance.


Anyone who wants to play comfortably and experimentally can buy this model to improve their performance. It is easy to use and convenient to set up.





(8) CASIO PX 750


casio digital piano



● Powerful Sound Source:

Acoustic intelligent Resonance (AiR) technology is used to duplicate the sounds of the grand concert piano. It adds authenticity and reality in its sound.

● Key-Action:

The sound source won’t be of any use if there are no keys to match with the rhythm. That is why Casio digital piano uses hammered action to mimic the texture of the real piano.

● Duet Mode:

This is another advanced and unique mode added in this model that lets two players play simultaneously.

Previously, we’ve observed that whenever a player wanted to practice in duet mode, whatever digital piano he is using will provide him with accompanying tones to create an illusion of duet performance.

But here, duet mode attributes to a different function entirely. When you choose a duet mode, you are spitting the keyboard in half.
Once split, the keyboard functionality will be different from its original one. Now, two players can use the keyboard at once.



● Good Sound Quality:

Powerful sound engine and advanced sound source attribute to refined sound quality.

● Connectivity:

The model has a connectivity jack for headphones. The silent practice session is aided by this headphone connectivity and built-in recorder.


It is suitable for everyone with varying levels of skills.





(9) CASIO PX 780


casio digital piano



● Powerful Sound Engine:

PX-780’s powerful sound engine is able to produce some of the best sound synths and tones and it’s sound source plays a big part in that.

Resonance intelligent Resonance (AiR) is something that makes you sound deep and expressive. Its authenticity is closer to that of an acoustic piano that gives an illusion of the grand concert play.

● Authentic Keyboard Action:

To be able to create authentic sounds and an illusion of realism, the texture of your piano’s keys is important.

They are made by using the hammered action that plays a key role in producing the variation in sounds.

The velocity with which you press a key will produce different sounds and depth. The Tri-Sensor hammered action ensures that each press of your key is measured with utmost accuracy and sensitivity.

● Polyphony & Sound Synthesis:

The polyphony note range of this model is exceptional. You can hear the deepening resonance and stimulation clearly.

● Resonance & Stimulation:

It has damper resonance and exceptional timbre that allows the sound to be real and authentic.

Moreover, it has pedals that can manipulate the stimulation and resonance of your melodies.

For instance, the sustain pedal together with the hammered action control the warmth and natural timbre of your melody.



● Elegant Design:

This model in the Privia series of Casio digital piano has an antique and elegant design. It resembles traditional acoustic piano in appearance and goes exceptionally well with your interior.

● Ultimate Casio Package:

When you purchase this model, you’ll receive some other accessories whose prices will be included in the original price.

These accessories include an instrument pro polishing cloth, headphones, stand and a piano bench. Simply put, that is everything you’ll ever need while practicing on your piano and keeping it in good shape will come with this bundle.

● Real Sound:

The various editing parameters, the quality sound engine, and sound source attribute to the reality of PX-780’s sound. The sound it produces is authentic and can be mistaken as that of a real acoustic piano.


If you want everything related to practicing on your piano at one place, then buying this bundle can go in your favor. It has everything you need in terms of sound production, editing, and sound quality.





(10) CASIO PX 860


casio digital piano



● Sound Source:

The sound source technology used in this model is called Acoustic intelligent Resonance (AiR) and it is a constant in the whole Privia series.

By using this sound source, the manufacturer of the model is able to recreate the 9-foot grand concert. The sound is recorded in four dynamics and it creates the reality in the sound.

● Resonance & Stimulation:

The concert play sound quality is possible because of its varied resonance and stimulation. It has a damper resonance that makes a string’s impression prominent in the grand concert melodies. It is made possible using a sustain pedal.

Furthermore, the string resonance works together with the sympathetic resonance of the strings to create the perfect experience of the grand concert piano.

● Key Action & Texture:

The texture of the keys and the sensitivity with which it registers the velocity of your press plays an important role in the production of authentic sounds.

That is why Casio digital piano uses hammered action to shape the keys according to the user’s benefits and it is in perfect harmony with its sound source.

The upper part of the keys has less substance while the lower part is heavier. The minute dexterity with which these keys are shaped is of great assistance for the pianist.

● Powerful Sound Edits:

It is important that we mention its Hall stimulation feature that allows you to record the real-life sound of your surroundings and incorporate it into your performance and practice.

It further has 18 built-in instrumental tones that include stereo string ensembles, basses, and electric piano arrangements.

These tones and pre-set arrangements let you have a great experience during practices as you’ll have plenty of tones to experiment with.



● Quality of Sound:

All the features mentioned above that is the powerful sound source, hammered key action, stimulation and resonance all work towards improving your piano’s sound quality.

And since the polyphony range of its note is 256, you can almost hear all these layered and mixed tones in your melodies. The wide range of polyphony makes it possible for you to hear all the work you’ve done on your sound in terms of resonance and stimulation.

● Connectivity & Recording:

Now, you don’t have to rely just on the pre-set songs and rhythms that come with this model. You can simply make use of its USB MIDI that is a staple connectivity option in all Privia series models.

No matter what device you own, Apple or Windows are both compatible with this type of connectivity feature.

Furthermore, you can also connect headphones and record your performance with the backing sound and instruments. The built-in system lets you do the same during the silent practicing mode.

● Aesthetically Pleasing:

The overall design of this digital piano is closer to that of a traditional acoustic piano. It comes with a stand, a pedal unit and a bench that can make a perfect practicing corner in your house.

Furthermore, the lid stimulation feature of this model is also compatible with its design and it helps to create an authentic sound. This sound is something that is an end goal that Casio digital piano wants to achieve with all its models in the Privia series.


If you like the flexibility of connecting your piano to various devices and apps to procure various songs and sounds for practice, then this model should be your choice.

Though the model shows flexibility in various ways, it can not move much and lacks the portability that other models have in the above-mentioned list.






Final Words:

Casio is a renowned company that is known for the variation in its sounds and the authenticity of those sounds. That is why the Privia series that they’ve introduced have all the models that are closely following that vision.

They’ve used Acoustic intelligent Resonance (AiR) as a sound source technology and this technology together with the Tri-Sensor hammered key action can produce sounds like a grand concert piano.

The added stimulations and resonances can create the perfect experience of listening to an authentic piano.
Each of the models mentioned has different functionality and features but the two features mentioned are the same in all of them. You can decide which model to buy for yourself based on their features.

Casio digital piano PX LK175 is the most suitable model for people gearing up to learn. Its instructional design and lighted keys can guide an amateur easily.
But if you are a skilled pianist and are looking for a piano that can work well with you during your practice session then Casio PX-860 will suit you greatly.

Simply put, you must decide which model you want to buy for yourself based on your levels of skills. You are the only one who can judge your skills and weigh down your budget, Casio digital piano are very special pianos.