Top 10 Best Digital Headphones

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Almost everyone who listens to music wants to escape reality by immersing themselves in its depth. Some just want to enjoy their free time while others are passionate about the lyrics and composition. Each one of us has their own relationship with music and sound and we want to make our musical experience exceptional.We need advanced technology and the necessary equipment to experience the music or the sounds we hear with all their varying depths completely, hence the need to buy an efficient headphones.

Professional musicians need remarkable headphone that have exceptional sound dynamics to produce quality music.
Following are a few of the best headphones you can find online, each of these is either suitable for musicians, producers or just plain old music lovers just like us.


(1) Sony MDR 7506


Sony MDR 7506


● Exception Sound Range:
Sony uses neodymium magnets in their design to enhance the quality of its sound. The 400m diameter drivers further enhance its resonance and the impact of the sound. Moreover, it delivers a completely different musical experience with the depth of the sound.

● Professional Construction:
These are designed for professional use hence the closed-ear technology is used to reduce the external noise.

● Frequency Range:
It has a frequency response of 10 Hertz to 20 Kilohertz and it plays a vital role in raising the quality of your sound.




● Ease in mobility:
It has a 9-foot-long cord that has a twisting design with a gold-plated pin and an adapter. The unique appearance of the cord assists you in moving around with tripping over it.

● Compact Design:
MDR-7506 has a compact and foldable design that makes it portable. It comes with a case that is lined with soft material and can protect it during your travels.

● Recommended for:
Sony’s MDR-7506 is suitable for professionals as it has the premium sound quality without any outside interference. Its compact body size makes it easy to be carried around in a box without affecting its functionality.




(2) Sennheiser HD 598


Sennheiser HD 598



● Enhanced Frequency Responses:
The frequency response in any headphone is exceptionally important as it responsible for enriching its sound quality. That is why Sennheiser made the frequency response range of HD 598 better than some of its older models, starting from 10 and ending at 39500 Hertz.

● Advanced Magnet System:
The neodymium magnet system is the most efficient one and is being used in almost all headphones but the technique used to employ it is different. The neodymium magnet system used in HD 598 boosts its sound efficiency greatly by minimizing intermodulation and harmonic distortion.

● Unique Precision Damping:
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is something that is hard to avoid in headphones but Sennheiser uses a unique acoustic skill to dampen the overall frequency range of HD 598’s sound. This minimizes the Total Harmonic Distortion of the headphones by 0.05% which is incredible.




● Coil Length & Mobility:
It has a coil length of 118 inches which makes it easier for the user to move around. The increased mobility has made it a customer favorite.

● Transient Response:
Sennheiser has used aluminum in the making of HD 578’s coil which guarantees quick transient responses and adds to the overall experience of it.

● Recommended for:
HD 598 is suitable for everyone who is a fan of good music and quality sound. Whether you are a professional musician or an ordinary music enthusiast, you are bound to enjoy its sound quality. Moreover, it reduces the Total Harmonic Distortion heard in most headphones by 0.05% which is another huge plus.




(3) Audio Technica ATH M40x


Audio Technica ATH M40x


● Impressive Magnet System:
Yet again, the superior magnet system sets the tone of the whole headphones’ efficiency. Audio- Technica has used rare earth and copper chloride magnet system that work with 40m drivers to increase the quality of the sound.

● Flat Tuning:
Audio- Technica has put flat tuning to test in ATH-M40x and the results were incredible. It allowed them to screen its sound across all frequency ranges.

● Closed Earpad Design:
The earpads of ATH-M40x are designed to block all the outside noise and isolate the transmitted sound completely. It contours around your ears and engulfs them completely for a concert-like experience.




● Durable & Sturdy:
The material used to engineer this headphone is of superior quality and can withstand sudden falls and accidents. These falls don’t affect the sound of the headphone. Incredible, isn’t it?

● Cable Efficiency:
The coil length of any headphone plays a significant role in determining its efficiency. For instance, some long cables end up in knots while short length hinders your mobility.
ATH-M40x has just the right length of 1.2m and 0.3m which can be used alternatively as it is detachable.

● Assisted Portability:
ATH-M40x is designed in such a way that it can collapse on itself and you can take it anywhere with you without much difficulty.

● Recommended for:
Anyone who is looking for some durable and easy-to-carry headphones can buy these headphones freely. Furthermore, those who travel a lot and are clumsy can use ATH-M60x as well.
That is because no matter how many times you drop it, it will still work just fine but that doesn’t mean you keep dropping it just to test our words.




(4) Yamaha HPH 50B



Yamaha HPH 50B


● Adjustable Stature:
Yamaha HPH-50B can accommodate the head of every size as it has an adjustable stature. You can adjust it over your head as well as around your ears. Its ear caps can move at a 90 degrees angle to adjust to the angle of your ears.

● Sound Quality:
The sound quality pf HPH-50B is exceptional as it pays mind to not only the balance of bass but also adjust the treble of the sound.




● Elegant Design:
The shiny exterior of HPH-50B is truly eye-catching which makes it a customer favorite as well.

● Coil Length:
The coil can extend op to 2m and it ends on a gold-plated plug that is necessary for a transient response.

● Recommended for:
Yamaha HPH-50B is the best option for daily use because of its low price and sturdy design. Even if somehow stops working then you can find a replacement easily without bearing any financial burden.




(5) Beyerdynamic DT 880


Beyerdynamic DT 880


● Impressive Cable Production:
DT 880 works on the open operating system which is semi-open. Its cable is single-sided and uses a material that helps in quickening the transient responses.

● Frequency Response:
Its frequency response is remarkable as it starts from 5 Hertz to 35,000 Hertz. The ear pad’s barrier helps to dampen THD without any elaborate system.

● Sound Pressure:
It is essential to measure the nominal sound pressure reaching your ears to avoid damaging them. DT 880’s sound pressure level is 90 dB and its impedance are 250 ohms.
This clearly shows that Beyerdynamic cares about their customers’ safety hence they employed these means to ensure their safety.




● Professional Sound:
Beyerdynamic is designed to assist professional hence the addition of diffuse field technology and analytical advancement in its designs. Its nominal sound pressure levels together with impressive frequency responses increase the quality of its sound.

● Easy to Adjust:
The body of DT 880 is designed in such a way that it can be adjusted to different head sizes. Its exterior is hard that can last for a long time. Furthermore, it can be disassembled, and its damaged parts can be replaced with new ones.

● Recommended for:

Beyerdynamic has engineered this headphone for professionals and its every feature is aligned with their goal. They have offered premium sound quality and efficient design to accommodate skilled musicians.




(6) Yamaha CM500



Yamaha CM500


● Sound Dynamics:
The qualities associated with its sound define its dynamics. For instance, it’s sound pressure, impedance and frequency response all accumulate to determine what you will be hearing.
CM500 has an impedance of 120 ohms and it can withstand sound pressure levels of 96 dB which is impressive.

● Frequency Response:
The frequency response of Yamaha CM500 is not something new as most headphones have the same frequency response that starts from 20 Hz to 20k Hz. It also reduced the THD up to 0.2% because of the material used in its earpads.

● Coil Range:
It has a 9 inched coil that you can twist and turn because of its flexibility. It also assists the user in portability while using it.




● Minimal Design:
CM500 has nothing impressive about its design as it isn’t made for professional use. It is simple and can last for a long time.

● Mic Attached:
The mic attached to this design is flexible as well and it can transmit your voice clearly without any sound distortion.

● Adjustable Stature:
No matter the size of your head or ear, CM500 can be adjusted to fit over your head easily.

● Recommended for:
Yamaha can be used as an everyday gadget as it requires low maintenance and can be easily replaced with a new one because of its low pricing.




(7) Beyerdynamic DT990


Beyerdynamic DT990


● Open Construction:
Open construction means that both its earpieces are open and not fully closed. This unique construction makes it suitable for studio use. You can do editing, mixing and mastering while using this headphone and you won’t have to worry about the sound quality one bit.

● Audio Dynamics:
The various audio dynamic includes its vibrations, resonance. tone, harmonies and several other things. All these things define the quality of your sound. DT990 has exceptional sound as its nominal sound pressure level is 96 dB which is outstanding.

● Frequency Response:
Its frequency response is precise and quick if the frequency falls between 5 to 35 Hertz.




● Exceptional Craftmanship:
The open-ear construction is remarkable and hardly seen in any other headphones. Even in its previous designs, Beyerdynamic didn’t employ open-ear construction.

● Comfortable Earpiece:
It has soft and round velour earpads that are replaceable when needed. They not only provide you comfort but they also affect the sound of the quality.

● Recommended for:
Though we have recommended other headphones for professionals, this model is the best choice for anyone who spends their time in the studio. It is designed to help you create some of the best music by assisting you in your creative process.




(8) Tascam TH03



Tascam TH03


● Specialized Sound:
The quality of Tascam TH03 is made for musically adept ear hence Tascam has tried to strike a balance between bass and the richness of notes. Its sound matches the sound of that of a studio because of the clarity in its varying notes.

● Noise Segregation:
Earpads attached to this model completely close around your ears and isolate you from the outside noise and disturbances efficiently.

●  Impressive Compatibility:
Tascam TH03 comes with an adapter that gives it the freedom to be connected to any device. It is compatible with almost every device that can play music.




● Stylish & Comfortable Design:
Tascam has tried to emerge elegance and comfort in this one model for its users. The material used to engineer this headphone is durable and sturdy whereas its earpiece is padded that ensures comfortable wear for its users.

● Increased Adjustability & Portability:
Tascam TH03 is a foldable model which is why you can take anywhere you like in its compact form.

● Recommended for:
Tascam TH03 is best to be used by a professional as it has impressive sound dynamics. Furthermore, it has universal compatibility that can help musicians listen to music from whatever device they are working on.




(9) V Moda Crossfade M100



V Moda Crossfade M100


Award-winning Sound Quality:
M 100 has been awarded for its impressively tuned M Class sound. It took about 200 music connoisseurs to tune it into perfection. The effort put into just tuning the sound for this headphone is remarkable.

● Patented Technology:
V Moda Crossfade has patented their dual-diaphragm drivers technology that is 50mm in size as they are the first company who used it in their headphones. This technology is especially useful in separating the brass from the highs and mid of tones.

● Frequency Response:
It can respond to frequencies ranging from 5 to 30,00 Hertz. These responses help you identify the varying layers of instrumental sound used in music.




● Compact Storage Design:
V Moda Crossfade can be easily folded into a compact design that you can carry with you anywhere you like. Musicians who love to compose their music on the go by using any digital instrument prefer to use M-100 of V Moda because of its increased portability.

● Balanced & Enriching Sound:
As stated earlier, V Moda used human ears to improve their sound’s quality. By their expertise, they were able to deepen its bass, enhance its mids and enrich its high tonalities. The finished sound is truly exceptional for the users.

● Recommended for:
This is the perfect headphone for music lovers with a keen sense of sound as well as for professionals. Furthermore, musicians who find their inspiration outside the confines of their studio can also benefit from the model’s mobility.




(10) Philips Fidelio X1/28


Philips Fidelio X1


● Minimizes Sound Reflection:
Sound reflection is something that interferes with the quality of your music. Most headphones pay mind to it, but Philips Fidelio strives for perfection hence the use of pre-tilted drivers in your earpiece.
These drivers minimize the sound reflection as much as possible and improve your headphone’s sound quality.

● Unique Construction:
The construction of your headphone plays a vital role in improving the quality of its sound. That is why Philips has made this model open from the back to ensure high fidelity (HiFi) of audio.




● Comfortable Earpieces:
There are two extremes for earpieces in headphones, there either barely padded or heavily padded – there is no balance. Most heavily padded earpieces cause profuse sweating whereas lightly padded ones interfere with the quality of the sound.
Fortunately, Philips was able to strike a balance for the earpiece padding that provides comfort to your ears as well as good quality of sound. Its ear shells are double layered with the right material.

● Improved Sound Quality:
As stated earlier, the double layer ear shells not only provide comfort but enhances the quality of X1’s audio as well. It helps to minimize vibrations and resonance in your audio.

● Recommended for:
If you want a sturdy and stylish looking headphone for daily use, then Philips Fidelio X1 fits the bill. It is the best thing that a music lover can buy for themselves.





Bottom Line: 

Most people don’t research the kind of headphone they are buying as they deem it unnecessary. They don’t understand that the construction, as well as the design of their headphones, affects the quality of the sound in more ways than they can imagine.

That’s why producers and musicians not only research the kind of headphones they want but they also don’t regard their pricing. They prefer to invest in high-quality headphones that have a robust exterior instead of investing in a headphone that will interfere with their creativity.

These are two different approaches of the people, but the most efficient approach is the one employed by a professional. A thorough research and detailed overview of the product can help you buy a phone befitting your relationship with the music and sound.