Top 10 Best Roland Digital Piano

Roland Digital Piano

Roland has been an innovative leading piano production company that excels in its digital subcategory as well. These Roland digital pianos are manufactured to accommodate every person who is interested in either learning how to play a piano or honing their skills.
Following are some of the best pianos manufactured by Roland. A thorough look at this list will help you buy an efficient and affordable digital piano for yourself:

Roland Keyboard:


(1) Roland VR730

Roland VR730



● Varied Piano Sounds:
Though VR-730 is classified as a digital piano, the sound it produces surpasses all boundaries. It can produce acoustic, electric, modern and jazz sounds without an elaborate process.

● Onboard Functionality:
People who are professionals and have gigs on a weekly basis might complain about heavy lifting their instruments. Ronald has made your life easier by providing you with onboard functionality.

You can edit sounds and manipulate synths and timbres without any extra baggage.

● Key Production:
The keys to this model are semi-weighted and made to suit your professional needs. The keyboard’s pressure points are sensitive. They can register varying levels of velocity.

● Multiple Sound Effects:
Its feature includes diversity in sound effects from reverb to delay in your composition. The compression and overdrive help to add layers in your tones.



● Simple Interface:
The interface of VR-730 is simple and effective. You can alternate between the various functions of the model just by pressing a few buttons.

● Efficient Display:
It has an LCD display with 64 dots that lets you see you see composition and settings clearly.

● Recording & Connectivity:
It has a loop recorder that allows 20 seconds of loop time that records your stereo performance efficiently.




(2) Roland FP 30

Roland FP 30



● Key Production:
Roland FP 30 uses PHA-4 technology to produce keys of fine qualities. They are made in such a way that they register even the smallest of pressures on them.

● Impressive Sound Engine:
The sound engine used in this model is exceptional and has varied tonality and sound editing options.

● Practicing Mode:
Aside from dual and split modes, you are also provided with practicing silent mode. Using this, you can connect headphones with it and practice in silence without disturbing anyone.

● Onboard System:
Yet again, there is a varied set of editing and mixing functions that you can experiment with on your onboard system. No need to buy additional accessories to add complexities in your composition.



● Complete Bundle:
This product comes with a complete bundle of accessories from a damper pedal to a bench as well as headphones. Simply put, once you buy this you won’t need to buy anything else to start with your piano lessons.

● Light & Portable:
It is created to help the users provide with convenient portability hence it is not heavy. You can take it anywhere you like without having to hire anyone to haul it around for you.

● External Connectivity:
Aside from headphones connectivity, it can also accommodate several other devices. This is possible because of its wireless Bluetooth connectivity. You can experiment with all kinds of music apps and the various music libraries available online.




(3) Ronald F140 RCB



Ronald F140RCB



● Top Tier Sound Engine:
Ronald has given its best with this compact piano. It is small yet the quality of the sound is not compromised.

It can efficiently duplicate the sounds of an authentic acoustic piano without making your piano look heavy and bulky.

● 3D Sound Effects:
This effect is customized and is hardly found in any other Roland Electric Pianos. Once you connect your headphones with this model, it’ll provide you with a 3D concert experience.

Customers have absolutely loved this development and cannot stop praising it enough.

● Onboard Editing:
The various sound editing options at your disposal can help you manipulate the layers and the depth of the sound composition.
Furthermore, there are various rhythmic accompaniments available in its settings. These can help you create an illusion of playing with a band for you. This contributes to an efficient practicing session.

● Bluetooth Connectivity:
Aside from the USB lead jack, the built-in wireless connectivity keeps you in touch with almost every device that has Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to play with various sounds and musical arrangements available online and on musical apps.



● Sound Quality:
The sound quality of this model is diverse. You can hear all the complexities in its sound because of its built-in stereo speaker. It delivers your melodies to the audience in its full essence.

● Compact Design:
This model is designed to fit in small spaces and apartments without you having to change much in your interior. Its compact design doesn’t affect its sound quality and varied functionality in any way.

● Affordable Pricing:
F-140R-B is one of the most affordable models of Ronald. Anyone who wants to practice their skills can make use of it without spending much money.




(4) Roland RD 64

Roland RD 64



● Advanced Technology:
The supernatural technology used in this model helps to produce some of the best authentic tones. These tones immensely resemble the tones of that of a real piano.

● Keyboard Action:
The sound authenticity of a Roland Digital Piano will be affected if the production of its keys is not done to duplicate the feel of a traditional piano. These keys are ivory G-feel with a 64 notes range.

● Connectivity & Touch Display:
The model has a MIDI connectivity feature that lets you connect to several accessories and instruments to add synth and resonance in your sounds.

● Controller Mode Operation:
This controller Mode helps you play with various digital tones and sounds that is because of its added functionality. Once you connect it with INTEGRA 7 or JUPITER 80/50, you can experiment with the diverse sound range and synths.



● Compact Design:
This model has a streamlined body that is compact and lightweight. You can take it anywhere with you without much difficulty.

● Varied Tones:
It has a dynamic sound range from acoustic to electric tones. You can add synths, reverbs and adjust the composition according to your needs.

● Diverse Editing:
The MIDI connectivity allows you to edit your sounds with a diverse range of tonality. You can spin the arrangements with the help of synth, resonance, reverb effects and so on.


(5) Roland RD2000

Roland RD2000



● Powerful Sound Engine:
RD 2000 is a dream come true for professional pianists. It has two powerful sound engines, one of which is dedicated to acoustic sounds.
These sound sources add depth to your music by making sure each and every note is heard.
It has 128 note polyphonies that helps it to achieve that feat.

Furthermore, its second sound engine is superNatural based that provides with electric piano sounds.

● Keyboard Action:
It has a PHA-50 keyboard that can last for years because of its higher durability. These keys are moulded in such a way that compliments the design of human fingers.

Ronald uses hybrid wood to manufacture these keys and ensures its premium quality.

● Advanced Controller Mode:
Though the piano is digital, its functionality is not strictly digital. It has scenes, zones, and knobs that allow you to manipulate your music as you please.

● Experimental Sound Effects:
Ronald added some vintage tones in its library which include BOSS CE-1 Chorus and Roland Dimension D. The versatility of the sound effects doesn’t just end here, it also has other sound effects as well.

● Non-Piano Sound Library:
There are at least 1100 non-piano sounds stored in its memory which you can access easily. These sound effects include organs, brass, synths, strings and several others.



● Connectivity:
It has two wave expansion slots that can import sounds from previous RD-series pianos and other compatible models as well. Simply connect your piano and navigate the process through its interface.

● Authoritative Editing:
The zones and scenes contribute to their editing experience. It has eight zones that help you mix the internal sound and external sources conveniently. It also has eight knobs and LED indicators and together with real-time sliders, they create an exceptional musical experience for you.




(6) Roland RP102


Roland RP102



● Efficient Sound Source:
RP102 uses supernatural sound technology that makes your music sound authentic and real. Its authenticity is so real that it can duplicate the acoustic and stereo sounds of traditional piano closely.

● Triple Pedal Action:
The design of this Roland model includes a triple pedal unit that helps to create variation in the composition of your music. You can use sustain and damper pedals to manipulate the layers and synths of the melodies.

Simply put, the extensive music versatility will be at your fingertips and in this case at your feet.

● Bluetooth connectivity:
RP102 is Bluetooth enabled which means that you can access different composition and musical arrangements online and practice your piece to perfection.

Aside from this, it is also compatible with various musical apps especially Roland’s own Piano Partner 2 app. The app can be found in all iOS stores and helps amateurs learn easily.

● Real Sound Quality:
As mentioned above, the sound quality of this model is extremely natural and organic. You can hardly pick out the digital synthesis of the notes.



● All-you-need Package:
RP102 is the complete kit of accessories that you will need with your first piano. It has a bench, headphones, DVD lessons, and several other necessities.

All these things make a complete bundle that you’ll ever need to start on your daily piano lessons.

● Affordable Product:
It is easily one of the most affordable Roland keyboards you’ll find in the market. If it is your first time purchasing a digital piano or any kind of piano, then buying this will be cost-efficient.

● Convenient Design:
RP102 is a perfect design that you can fit in small spaces. It is convenient to move around without much hassle as well.




(7) Roland FP80 BK


Roland FP80 BK



● Natural Sound Source:
The supernatural sound technology helps you to create sounds that resemble the melodies of an acoustic piano immensely. The electric piano variation adds diversity in the model’s feature.

● Impressive Key Production:
The technology used to manufacture its keys is Feel- S that registers velocity as well and is highly sensitive.

● Built-in Sound System:
The powerful four-speaker sound system is what attributes to the professional level of authenticity in your performance.
Everything you create and mix on the keyboard can be broadcasted to a small audience efficiently.

● Rhythmic Manipulation:
Its rhythmic feature leaves room for plenty of sound manipulation where you can change the dynamics of the keyboard by using chord recognition.



● Enhanced Sound Projection:
The four-speaker sound system is not the only thing that contributes to its powerful and authentic sound projection. It also uses acoustic sound projection technology to master the process.

● Varied Operation:
Whether you are practicing in a class or in front of an audience, the portable and lightweight design of this model can accompany you anywhere you’d like.

● Attractive Design:
Roland lets you buy this model in different colors. Its body fits right in with the sophisticated interior of your house.




(8) Roland VR09B


Roland VR09B



● Dual Sound Sources:
VR-09-B has dual sound sources that are acoustic as well as electric. Furthermore, the organ and synth engines raise the esteem of this model altogether.

● Efficient Interface:
Its interface is easy to navigate because of various knobs, time sliders, and touch sensors. You can mix your tones on the go without connecting with a computer or an app.

● Advanced Editing:
The variety in its functionality enables numerous editing features that you can experiment with.



● Convenient Portability:
Though this model comes with wooden furniture like a stand, it isn’t that hard to move around in your house.

● Versatile Sound Effects:
You’ll have various sound effects to experiment while using this model. These will include multiple reverbs, compressors, resonances, and damper and so on.

● Impressive Polyphony:
For efficient sound quality, it is essential to have a wide range in notes polyphony. Here, you can hear 127 voices and 52 rhythmic patterns without any difficulty.




(9) Roland GO Piano


Roland GO



● Keyboard Texture:
The keys of this model are designed in a box shape and they are made from ivory. It offers 61 notes in total.

● Powerful Speakers:
It has powerful built-in speakers that let you hear the complexities of the arrangements clearly. If you don’t feel like practicing, you can simply connect it to your phone or computer and keep listening to music.

● Built-in Sound Library:
You’ll have around 500 sounds of the various ranges that you can access and incorporate in your music at any time. Brass, strings, synths, and organ are among those sound effects.

● Bluetooth Connectivity:
You can connect your phone with GO piano and practice side by side with your favourite pianists. You can also play backing sounds and arrangements to help you learn to play in a band.



● Smart Music Production:
Producing simple composition is made by Roland by introducing Loop Mixing as a feature in this model. It will play your chosen sound loop until you produce its accompanied arrangement.

● Compact Design:
Most people opt for Roland keyboards because of their simple and compact design. It is efficient and can be moved around easily.

● Simple Interface:
The interface used in this model is simple and advanced. It is an advanced interface that guides you through the simplest production process and lessens your burden. The one-touch control is another praiseworthy feature.




(10) Roland FP90BK


Roland FP90 BK


● SuperNatural Piano Modelling:
Roland has used supernatural technology to fashion another model yet again. This technology helps them to duplicate the acoustic music creation process of a traditional piano which includes the relationship between notes and resonances as well as other complexities.

● PHA-50 Keyboard Production:
This is a new keyboard manufacturing technology that Roland has used to create these models’ keys. It uses hybrid wood to carve these.
Therefore, the keys you’ll play will feel firm under your touch and they’ll last for a long time.

● Bluetooth Connectivity:
Wireless Bluetooth connectivity helps you in more than ways you can imagine. Especially when you have to steam your music for your entertainment or other online samples for practice. It is also compatible with many musical apps.



● Powerful Sound System:
There are four built-in sound speakers that can help you hold a live performance efficiently without any disturbance.

● Pedal Unit:
You can also install a triple pedal unit in this model for detailed sound manipulation. A damper pedal comes included with this model.





Final Words:

It is recommended that you choose a Roland Digital Piano that compliments your skills. If you are an amateur than FP 30 and Roland GO Piano can help you learn the basics of playing piano efficiently.

But if you are a pro and is looking for an instrument that can help you ace performances on stage then RD 64 and FP80 will help you achieve that. Choose the model that compliments your style of play the most and then read the customer reviews to affirm your choice.