Top 10 Best Yamaha Digital Piano

Yamaha Digital Piano

Yamaha is a leading name in piano making industry and now they have established their reputation in the digital piano production industry too. They have produced some of the best acoustic pianos and are known for sounds like the grand concert piano that is still being played in shows and theatres around the world.

No matter the kind, if you are seeking a piano then Yamaha should be your choice of manufacturer. Their digital pianos are not all about modern sounds and symphonies as they have tried to retain the authenticity of an acoustic piano in their digital piano series.
Customers find it hard to decide on a single Yamaha product. This is why we have compiled a list of some of the best  digital piano manufactured by Yamaha.

Best Yamaha Digital Piano:


(1) Yamaha P115


Yamaha Digital Piano


Yamaha P115 is an epitome of Yamaha’s classic digital design with CF sampling engine and graded hammer action.


● Advanced Technology:
Yamaha uses a pure CF piano sample in the making of their digital pianos to reproduce classic and authentic sounds.

In this model, they have reproduced sounds from CFlllS 9’ concert grand piano. These intricate sounds have a depth and their own emotional connectivity that make it sound less monotonous.

● Grand Hammer Standard:
Most digital pianos lack the authenticity of not only sounds but also touch. Yamaha P115 is unlike any of those pianos.

Its keys are built following grand hammer standard which made their lower bit heavy and the higher bit lighter to touch. This creates an illusion of playing on an acoustic piano.

● Digital App Connectivity:
Yamaha P155 has an accompanying app, ‘Digital Piano Controller’ that gives you the freedom to operate on this piano through your iOS devices.

By using this app, you can discover new sound and settings of the Yamaha P155 and adjust them according to your preferences.

● Pianist Style:
Dueling with a fellow pianist is a great way to produce new sounds and music as well as add layers to old ones.

That is why Yamaha has incorporated Pianist Style in this model. By using this feature, you can create an illusion that you are dueling with another pianist. Yamaha P155 will produce complimentary notes for your notes when you switch to this setting.

● Integrated Beats:
Practicing with Yamaha P155 is a musical treat as you can not only duel but play drumbeats on P155 to practice. These beats are of varying rhythms and can be adjusted to your needs.



● Improved Tweeter Sound:
Yamaha has improved their design by making tweeter speakers aligned with your ears. This way, you will be able to hear enhanced sounds and musical notes.

● Warranty:
Yamaha shows confidence in its products by providing a satisfactory warranty for their customers. With Yamaha P155, you’ll get a 3-year labor and parts warranty.

To avail this warranty, make sure to buy this piano from an authentic seller such as Amazon and the like.

● External Connectivity:
The piano has AUX out jacks that let you connect external devices such as amplifiers and loudspeakers. These jacks are designed to let you connect additional devices without disconnecting the incorporated speakers.

Furthermore, you can connect Yamaha P155 with other gadgets by using the direct connectivity of ‘USB to Host’ port.


People with intermediate to polished pianist skills can take full advantage of this model because of friendly features, interface and enhanced sound quality.


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(2) Yamaha P45



Yamaha Digital Piano


Yamaha P45 is an ideal piano for the amateurs and beginners. It has advanced features, but they are not hard to use as the settings console is simple to comprehend.


● Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Sampling:
By using this feature, Yamaha P45 can save acoustic piano sounds in its memory which you can play whenever you like.Two microphones are used to capture these sounds and later with the help of waveforms, it produces a complicated and denser version of the recorded sounds.

Furthermore, this model allows you to play one recorded sound per tone at a differing timbre and volume.

● Grand Hammer Standard:
Grand Hammer Standard (GHS) is a stipend technology that Yamaha uses to fashion its digital pianos’ keys. This technology makes the higher end of the key dense and the lower end weightless.

This kind of dexterity for piano keys is related to acoustic pianos. Anyone who practices on this piano can easily adapt when playing on a professional one.

● Dual Mode:
This model of Yamaha has 10 voice settings and you can play any of these two voices at once to create layers in your performance. This is efficient when you want to record a song using your digital piano.

The concept isn’t something foreign as the model is apt to utilize this feature.

● Impressive Polyphony:
Though the model is simple and suitable for beginners, it can still play deep passages because of its 64-notes polyphony. Each note in the deep passages can be easily differentiated by the listener because of the polyphony feature.



● Cost Efficient:
Yamaha P45 is famous for being the most cost efficient in the Yamaha P range. You don’t have to make any extra cuts in your budget to buy this model.

● Simple & Easy Operation:
There are no elaborate settings to change its functions. Just a simple press of a button can help you switch between its different features. Beginners can find this feature helpful as it won’t waste their time when they are trying to understand its settings.

● Convenient Design:
Yamaha P45 is compact in size and is easy to handle and move around because of its lightweight. You can take it with on a road trip, or a gig or in your piano class. It is like a grab and goes item


Yamaha claims that this is by far their lowest priced digital piano and is an ideal piano choice for beginners. If you are an amateur who wants to learn but doesn’t want to spend too much on something that you may abandon in the future, then this Yamaha digital piano is perfect for you.




(3) Yamaha Arius YDP181



Yamaha Digital Piano


This Arius YDP18 comes with a wooden stand and bench that gives the environment of playing on a professional acoustic piano. The Arius series is designed for only a luxurious and comfortable play, but it is also focused on advanced sound manipulation with pedal functionality.


● High Sound Quality:
Yamaha’s impressive technology of pure CF sample engine can recreate classic sounds and symphonies. Arius YDP181 recreate CFXlllS 9’ concert grand piano.

● Authentic Acoustic Piano Touch:
Though practicing on digital pianos have become a norm but it will be better if you can still feel the authenticity of an acoustic piano upon touching the keys.

Yamaha has thought this through and fashioned their digital piano keys mimicking the design of an acoustic piano.
By using the Grand Hammer Standard, your keys will be light on the upper part and heavy on the lower part.

● Pedal Functionality:
It has three pedals on the bottom of its wooden case. Each of these pedals has different functions as they produce variation in sound.
Stereo Sustain pedal produces euphonious pulsation when the damper pedal is used. Damper Resonance pedal creates a denser and broader resonance which can shadow the realistic sound of an acoustic piano.

On the other hand, Half-Damper pedal produces advanced and tenuous something sounds like a grand piano.

● Stereophonic Optimizer:
You can connect headphones and listen to your performance while playing. This feature is improved by the stereophonic optimizer which creates a more isolated and improved sound quality.



● iOS connectivity & USB cable:
This model can relate to an app called ‘Digital Piano Controller’ on your iOS devices. By using this app, you can control the sound and settings of your piano digitally.

Aside from this, the ‘USB to Host’ connectivity lets you amplify your music for a large crowd.

● Built-in Song Library:
Yamaha has integrated a song library in this model which gives the freedom to choose and play any song melody.

● Record your Performance:
If you want to record your performance for future analysis and comparison, then you can conveniently do so by using this feature. It can help you record three tracks with the separation of both hands’ play.


Yamaha YDP181 has an abundance of advanced features and each these features can be of utmost importance for a skilled pianist. If you are past the beginner level but haven’t reached the pro league, then playing on this can be of great practice.


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(4) Yamaha DGX660



Yamaha Digital Piano


This instrument is categorized as a contemporary model from yamaha digital piano series. With its multiple sound technologies, the player can get the feel of playing in front of a crowd with his own band.


● Clear Sound Quality:
Yet again, Yamaha uses Pure CF Sound Engine that helps reproduce the sound quality of grand concert piano. It has a clear timbre and strong reverberations that make it an authentic instrument.

● Weighted Keys:
It has 88 keys that are weighted according to the grand hammer action. This means the lower part is dense and the higher part is lighter to feel.

Its key design is like a professional acoustic piano and helps a beginner adjust to a professional setting easily.

● Piano Room & Multiple Sound Settings:
The Piano Room feature gives you a variety of sounds and tone settings to choose from. This way you can pick your own musical environment and let your creativity flow.



● Warranty:
You will get a satisfaction warranty with this piano if you bought it from an authentic supplier.

● Member Registration:
The complete kit of this digital piano will come with an online member product registration. This helps you solve your problems related to your products on numerous occasions.

● Efficient Display:
Aside from showing the features and sound settings, it has a Score Display. This display is efficient in showing you the composition of MIDI songs. You can follow the notions and perfect the notes of your favorite songs.


Judging by its features, there seems to be no restriction of skills in order to practice or play on this piano. In fact, practicing with this model can be a lot of fun because of its advanced sound technology. Moreover, its display guides the player conveniently through complicated tonal composition.

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(5) Yamaha P35B


Yamaha Digital Piano

Yamaha has emphasized more on the production of keys in this model as they play an important role in producing authentic sounds that are closer to acoustic pianos. The intricacy of a key means a difference in the sound produced by your piano greatly in acoustics and such is the case with digital piano to some extent.


● Advanced Sound Functionality:
By using Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) technology, Yamaha P35 has provided its users with some of its famous sounds. These include grand concert piano and several classic EPs.

Once recorded, these sounds are digitally filtered to make them sound more realistic and void of any fake sounding notes that are part of most digital pianos.

● Graded Hammer Technology:
Yamaha is all about making digital notes sound acoustic. That is why they use a graded hammer action to copy the authenticity of acoustic pianos.

● Efficient Speaker System:
This model of the Yamaha P series uses a speaker system that is powered by a 12-watt battery. This together with USB connectivity makes it efficient to be used in big gigs and large audiences.

Just connect it with an apt speaker system and enjoy its high-quality sound production and tonal reverberations.



● Lightweight & Convenient Design:
Yamaha P35 has a compact design and lightweight. This means it offers better portability than other digital pianos. You don’t have to hire a moving van to take it from one place to another, you can just simply grab it and settle to play wherever you like.

● Easy Operation:
Though it has several settings, it’s not hard to maneuver between these settings because of its one-press functionality. Furthermore, its settings are not cluttered in one place and are divided into categories to accommodate the one-press functionality.

● Warranty & Returns:
Yamaha has made your decision easy by giving you a warranty that assures the customers that their money won’t go to waste if the product falls short of their expectation or has a flaw.


This model is perfect for learners as it has simple functionality and you can switch between settings just by a simple press of a button.




(6) Yamaha P105



Yamaha Digital Piano


This model is solely focused on enhancing your practicing experience. The different practicing environment helps you hone your skills.


● Graded Hammer Technology:
Most digital pianos won’t feel authentic upon touching and this can greatly affect its sound. That is why Yamaha has used Graded Hammer Technology in almost all their digital pianos.

This technology produces a dense sound when the lower part of the key is pressed and lighter sound when the higher part of the key is played.

It is something that is only used in acoustic pianos so its use in the production of the digital piano is quite impressive.

● Polished Piano Sound:
Pure CF sampled engine improves its sound quality extensively. The CFIIIS concert grand piano sound is something that is applauded among the piano music lovers around the world.

Yamaha was able to integrate this sound into their digital pianos with the help of their sampling technology.

● Dueling Pianist Styles:
Piano duels are a famous way to practice as well as produce music. That is why this feature is a favourite of most Yamaha users.

It lets them duel with an invisible component by producing accompanying tones for the ones you are playing.



● Efficient Connectivity:
Yamaha P105 has a USB to Host connectivity option that lets you connect your piano to any compatible amplifier and speaker or device.

Furthermore, it also has an AUX line that connects you to your computer and lets you play with tones and music patterns on the screen.

● Built-in Drumbeats:
Yamaha has made practicing easy by supplying you with drum rhythm patterns that you can set as an accompanying instrument while practicing.

● 128- note polyphony:
This means that whether you are recording with a drum pattern or any other sound, everything you will play will be heard clearly because of its 128 notes polyphony. This is one of the most applauded features of any digital piano because the listener will hear what you’ve produced with all its intricacies and details.


The built-in drum rhythm feature together with the pianist style allows you to practice with an invisible competitor as well as practice to play with accompanying instruments. These kinds of practice sessions will fill you with an admirable confidence that will eventually impact your performances positively.


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(7) Yamaha CP4

Yamaha Digital Piano

Yamaha CP4 is focused on improving the sound quality of your act. It used realistic acoustic and vintage EP sounds to make the details in your play easily heard. The enhanced note polyphonies also play an important role in its sound efficiency.


● Realistic Acoustic & EP sounds:
Yamaha has incorporated some of their classic acoustic sounds and EPS is this digital piano. If you are familiar with Yamaha or piano symphonies, then you might have heard of CFIIIS concert grand piano and the like.

These sounds are rich, smooth and expressive altogether. They have polished beats and subtle reverberations and resonances. Vintage EP is another sound that Yamaha has reused for their CP series.

● Graded Hammer Action:
The sampling engine wouldn’t have an impact if the keys of the digital piano are incompetent and give the feeling of playing with a toy piano when touching them.

Keeping this in mind, Yamaha has used graded hammer action to make the 88 digital keys authentic to touch.



● Easy Operation:
This keyboard has too many settings, but it is not hard to operate on them as it has simple and easy to understand interference.

● Portable Size:
The CP series is lightweight and is small which means, you can travel with it without much effort.

● Virtual Circuit Modelling Effects:
While incorporating classic sounds and vintage Eps in this model, Yamaha also integrated virtual circuit modeling effects to raise the quality of the sound.


If you are looking for a better sound quality together with impressive digital sound effects, then CP4 can deliver just that.


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(8) Yamaha P255b


Yamaha Digital Piano


This model of yamaha digital piano in the P series is designed especially for users who need a compact and portable piano to practice and play their pieces. The use of CF Pure Engine has made its sound production authentic.


● Authentic Sounds:
By using Pure CF Sound Engine, Yamaha can recreate the authentic sound quality of their acoustic pianos in a digital piano.

● Tone & Polyphony:
It has 24 tones and 265 polyphonies that help create extraordinary sounds in a studio as well as live. 265 polyphonies are the widest range you’ll see in any of the models recommended below.

This enhance polyphony feature lets your audience hear each sound variation and note of your act.

● Amplifier Output:
The model comes with a USB jack that lets you connect with speakers and amplifiers. These amplifiers are preferred to be of 15 watts. By using this amplifier, you can connect with a larger audience as well as play in a band.



● Portable Design:
Yamaha P-255b has a compact design that provides ease in portability. You can take it to anywhere you like, from performing in front of a huge crowd to practicing in the confines of your studio.

● Power Retainer:
It has a power consumption of 15 watts that is impressive if we compare it to other digital pianos. Compared to what it consumes, its performance and functionality are highly impressive.

● Satisfaction Guarantee:
Yamaha shows full confidence in their products by providing customers with a satisfaction guarantee and warranty.


People who are not pro pianists but not beginners as well can find this model quite useful for them.
It doesn’t take much space and conserves less energy.


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(9) Yamaha MOXF8


Yamaha Digital Piano


Yamaha MOXF8 comes with an extensive song and sound libraries that allows you to play with a variety of sounds.


● Introducing Motif XF Technology:
The MOX series has introduced Motif XF Technology that adds several effects and sounds to its extensive library. You can access sample libraries and exceptional sound effects through flash memory expandability and MOX data compatibility.

● MIDI electronic keyboard:
This model has a MIDI keyboard that has built-in DAW and VST controls. This feature allows the producer the ease of onboard sequencing because of an advanced MIDI interference.

You can also connect the keyboard with multiple software and devices through USB connectivity & audio.

● Exceptional Sound Quality & Expandability:
The flash memory and MOX data allow this model easy access to a large sound and music libraries. These libraries include sounds from different musical instruments ranging from pianos, electrical, strings, basses and so on.

Furthermore, these libraries have a range from classical to modern digital sounds. These sounds help you create fantastic music without much hassle.

● Performance Mode:
This feature helps you work with multiple voices at once. You can adjust these voices up to 4 pieces in a musical coordinate. You can further add varying backtracks in your solo performance and play with single chords and simple notes.

By utilizing the MOX data and flash memory, you will have 256 performances at your disposal to play and experiment with.

● Device Compatibility:
Yamaha MOXF comes with a bundle of software that lets you play with sounds on your workstation. Simply connect the keyboard with your computer and use this software conveniently.



● Simple Interference & Easy Operation:
With its extensive library and music categories, it would have been hard to navigate among its many features. That’s why the category search mode comes in handy as the categories are divided into 16 categories and subcategories.

With simple keys like performance creators, layer and split, tackling these advanced features is never been easier.

● Portable Design:
Having the capacity to be passed as a complete music workstation, this model is still very lightweight. You can easily take it anywhere with you to perform.

Moreover, the graded hammer action that will make its 88 keys feel authentic is what makes it such a stellar design.

● Software Bundle:
MOXF has a bundle of software that can help you edit sound giving and adjust mixing parameters with MOXF Editor. Another software, MOXF Remote Editor helps you work with templates for various instruments.

It won’t be fair if we don’t talk about the exceptional Cubase software that has impressive features that are unrivaled. This software was specifically made for Yamaha MOXF.

● Cubase AI 7 Compatibility:
This is an improved version of Digital Audio Workstation that was marketed by Steinberg and is made just so it can be incorporated into this model of Yamaha. This software is compatible with the music production synthesizers of this model. Together with the audio interface and MIDI feature, this software records 32 audios and 48 MIDI tracks.

It also gives you the freedom to use analog mixers with it and can record any instrument. In short, it allows you to produce complete tracks and record various instruments and voices while controlling 16 VST instruments simultaneously.

● USB Audio Interface:
This MOXF uses a total of 6 USB audio interface which includes 4 input and 2 output interfaces. Because of these, they can not only record internal sounds but also accommodate instrumental connectivity.


This product is best for anyone who wants to produce their own music but can’t afford a studio. It has advanced device compatibility and connectivity. Moreover, it comes with a bundle of software that helps you experiment with various sounds.


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(10) Yamaha MX88


Yamaha Digital Piano

Yamaha has manufactured this model following their digital piano formula that prioritizes authentic sounds and key design.


●  Advanced Polyphony:
The polyphony range of Yamaha MX88 is impressive as it reaches 128 notes with 16 sequence tracks. These polyphonies can help the player produce some of the finest tones and resonance.

●  Weighted Key Production:
No piano of Yamaha is absent of the weighted key design that follows graded hammer standard. This feature helps to give your digital piano touch of authenticity.

●  Modern Synthesizer Technology:
By using this technology and incorporating waveforms, Yamaha MX88 is able to synth sounds by using synthetic techniques of varying kinds.



●  A fetching Bundle Deal:
The bundle offered by the seller is a steal deal as it has everything you need to practice and produce music comfortably. The bundle includes a Z-Style keyboard stand and folding bench in an X design.

●  iOS Connectivity:
The digital app of Yamaha and wireless connectivity with iOS devices will help you choose from a variety of online sound samples and song libraries.

●  Audio Interface:
The AUX line input together with USB interface lets you simply plug in the compatible devices and start playing. You can connect speakers and amplifiers using this feature.


This model comes with everything you need with your piano to practice comfortably. Furthermore, the AUX line connectivity and USB audio interface make it a suitable model for playing in front of a big crowd.

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Final Words:

Many manufacturers think that it is right to manufacture pianos that give the feeling of a toy and produce fake sounds because professionals won’t be using it. This is a misconception as digital pianos are not only used by beginners and amateurs but also by professionals for practice sessions.

Aside from this, people in bands prefer digital pianos for their advanced functionality and portability. Aspiring and struggling producers also lean towards buying digital pianos such as Yamaha MOXF8 for their efficiency and vast software compatibility.

It is recommended that you buy a digital piano based on your skill level and budget. If you are a beginner, then go for Yamaha YDP181 and if you are on a low budget, the Yamaha P45 should be your preferred choice. Simply put, weigh down your skills and finances and then pick any digital piano from the list above. You won’t be disappointed as these models are not only customer favorites, but they have a lot to offer as practicing and professional instruments as well.