Top 5 Best Digital Grand Piano

Digital Grand Piano

All you need to know while buying your first digital grand piano

Mastering any musical instrument can be a feat in itself. However, with any new project the very difficult part is to take the first step. When you are learning to play the piano, inevitably the first step is to buy your first digital grand piano.

This often leads you to ask, “What is the best grand piano to buy?’’ Experienced piano players will always suggest that the sound and feel of the instrument are the leading factors to consider before your purchase. However, there’s more to it.

As you will find out later in this article, the approach to choosing a grand piano needs to be much more abstract. You can always adjust the instrument according to learning level and preferences later on.

Why playing piano has become so popular?

Music is the central element of life – it is the source of unrestricted happiness. Playing musicon an instrument can further give you a sense of fulfillment. Piano, in particular, is a balance  of both melody as well as harmony. Unlike other one-line note instruments such as a violin or a cello, piano can be played without the help of any accompaniment.

The ready-made pitches on the piano helps students pick up the pace right from the very beginning, whereas bass or string-based instruments require months of practice before you can start producing awesome music. Learning to play piano can give you an opportunity to perform in small gatherings or events.

Practicing to play piano regularly also improves the agility of your fingers and wrists.

Choosing the right grand piano (things to look for while buying a grand piano)

As mentioned before, the sound and feel of the piano are the most vital factors to consider.

What does this mean?

The feel in this case refers to the resistance of the keys when you push them down to create notes. The keys can be either loose or stiff. However, it depends on individual preferences on how stiff or how lose they prefer their piano keys to be as per their playing style. The age
of the piano, the manufacturing process and even the weather conditions of your area might affect the performance of your piano.

The sound refers to the melody that the piano makes without any adjustments. This is more of an abstract factor, which is defined by individual perceptions. The instruments are classified as having bright, warm or even mellow notes to describe the difference in sound.

However, at the end of the day, quantifying these variables is impossible. Finding the perfect grand piano that fits both these criteria right off the bat is not going to be easy. You should factor in the adjustments that can be made to the instrument to bring it to your level of your touch and sound preference.

In addition, for significant purchases such as a piano, the price is a key consideration.

Top 5 Best Digital Grand Piano:


(1) Suzuki 88 Key Digital Piano


Suzuki 88 Key Digital Piano

Top of the line in the category of digital grand pianos, the Suzuki 88 Home MDG 300 BL has captured the hearts of piano enthusiasts, beginners and advanced students alike. With a multitude of add-ons, this piano can actually open a whole world of music functionality for you.

General description and features –

  • Comes with a polyphony of 128 notes without a single dropped note guaranteed, even in the most complicated of compositions.
  • The digital signal functionality helps you to customize the sound of the instrument to your personal preferences. You can also use the layer and the split functions to balance the notes according to your individual style.
  • Comes with a 6-speaker system for perfect sound delivery. The high quality tuned cabinet allows the most dynamic version of music performance
  • Comes with wireless networking facility to allow you to connect with other devices to record, enhance and add more beats to your compositions. You can also connect it to your laptop or iPad to literally convert your digital piano into a mini recording studio.
  • It also offers a USB port for plug and play facility for other add-on devices or to connect directly to your desktop or laptop.

Benefits- The digital piano comes with technological advantages that are way better than conventional pianos. Further, it comes in pre-assembled condition, which means you can just attach the legs of the piano, and it is good to start playing.

Pros: Awesome appearance, realistic response, great sound quality, and comes loaded with options.

Cons: Dynamics could be improved.

Worth it? The price is just right for beginners looking to invest in their very first piano.




(2) Artesia AG 50 Grand


Artesia AG 50 Grand

This piano set comes pre-equipped with a bench and songbook. One of the most popular choices in this range, the Artesia is synonymous with quality as well as style. This instrument is set in a Grand piano style to evoke a classic feel while the advanced features make it a must-have piano.

General description and features-

  • Apart from the bench and the songbook, the piano also comes with a thumb drive,which has prerecorded versions of the classics and popular songs.
  • The grand piano cabinet is set in Ebony tones further hand-rubbed to a high gloss polish effect.
  • It comes with both wireless as well as USB connectivity options to turn the entire set into a finely tuned recording network.
  • The hammer action of the naturally balanced keys makes playing on it a delight.

Benefits- Apart from all of the features that are common in this range, the AG-50 also offers a 3- layer harmonized sound and a variety of samples ranging from 3D instruments to a full-concert hall sound

Pros: Looks awesome and produces awesome sound.

Cons: Heavy to assemble

Worth it? The price is affordable as compared to classic Grand Pianos or high-end digital pianos.




 (3) ERNST KAPS Grand Piano


ERNST KAPS Grand Piano

If you are looking to invest in a classic grand as their choice for the very first piano, you cannot go wrong with the ERNST KAPS Model B. This beautifully polished ebony grand is just the right choice for beginners. The best part is it allows you to transition through your learning stages. It can even help professional players for recitals and events.

General description and features-

  • Fully hand-built, customized design made with specifically chosen finest materials from around the globe.
  • The piano has been registered as a popular choice for both new and advanced players.
  • The brand provides a 20-year warranty on the entire set of Grand Piano and the bench.

Benefits– the ERNST KAPS of Dresden is stylish while being classic as well. If not all of the above features sway you, the company also provides free shipping with a wide range of delivery options.

Pros: Awesome look and sound. It helps you transition from an amateur to a professional.

Cons: It’s one of the most costly pianos you can get.

Worth it? Price is unexpectedly high if you compare it with similar digital pianos available on the market.




(4) Virgin Musical Instruments Digital Piano



Virgin Musical Instruments Digital Piano

Another unique product from Artesia, the AG-28 is specifically best suited for beginners who are just learning to play. The micro grand is compact to handle without compromising on the full sound quality that is expected of a state-of-the-art digital grand piano.

General description and features-

  • The keys are naturally balanced and have the very pleasing hammer action, which makes playing on it a treat.
  • 88 fixed keys that are treated for 3 levels of touch sensitivity.
  • The LCD display helps run your song lyrics and notes on screen as you continue to practice to master those notes.
  • 136 built-in tones can help you polish your playing skills as you practice through different layers of compositions.

Benefits- The ebony micro grand piano comes with an added bench. The styling is extremely contemporary, making it a wonderful addition to your living room. This device is the one of the most affordable among its peers, and comes loaded with digital features like drum patterns, playalong songs, and interactive auto arrangement.

Pros: Boatload of digital features and affordable pricing, not to forget the great looks

Cons: Piano-playing experience can be compromised.

Worth it? Even though the pricing makes it a great deal, the product itself has received a lot of flaks for rhythm backgrounds and non-piano instrument sounds.




(5) Suzuki Touch Screen MDG 4000ts




Suzuki Touch Screen MDG 4000ts

If you are looking to get a Suzuki at an amazingly affordable price, the MDG-4000ts is the one for you. Set in the classic design of a baby grand, this digital piano is loaded with chock full of amazing features and unbeatable Suzuki guarantee.

General description and features-

  • The European design offers a much sleeker modern look to the conventional Baby grand piano cabinet.
  • The sound quality boasts of the much-acclaimed Suzuki sound Imaging feature.
  • The instrument uses a whopping 24 MB grand voice to create a spectacular depth and bring a touch of realism to the tone of the piano.
  • A guaranteed zero dropped notes feature in the 128 notes polyphony technology and a range of 672 selectable and 256 gm voices, you can now play at beginner to advanced levels on the same instrument.
  • It comes with a 7″ color touchscreen in high resolution of 800×480 dot matrix.

Benefits- The major benefit of a Suzuki device is its sound quality. The MG-4000ts lives up to its brand name with 6 high intensity sound speakers that combine with myriad other digital features to support your compositions.

Pros: It’s a beautiful instrument. It is easy to use as well. The keys have a contrasting resemblance with acoustic piano.

Cons: There’s a hum in you want to inlongate your tones.

Worth it? Considering the price-range and features, this product comes highly recommended.



With careful evaluation of all of the above points, you can now make informed choices in terms of choosing the best digital grand piano for beginners.