Yamaha P Series P105b 88 Key Digital Piano


The Yamaha P105B is a piano player’s digital piano. Although it doesn’t have anywhere near as many voices and features as some other keyboards in the same price range, this one uses very high-quality multisamples from a Yamaha CFIII Concert Grand for its grand piano patch.

Sound Quality

The sound is remarkably close to that of an acoustic piano when played through a nice set of speakers. In addition to a very nice sounding set of samples, the P105B uses a volume-adaptive equalizer that adjusts to suit your playing style.

Aside from the grand piano patch, there are 13 other sample sets to choose from, including electric piano, harpsichord, and strings to name a few. The keyboard itself consists of 88 Graded Hammer Standard adjustable action keys, which are designed to simulate the hammer-on-string tension you feel while playing an acoustic piano.

The P105B also has a set of drum accompaniment tracks to play along to, as well as a built-in metronome for practice.

Yamaha P105b Features

Weighing in at just over 36 pounds, this keyboard is surprisingly lightweight for its size. It also offers a very compact form factor compared to some of Yamaha’s other digital pianos.

Although it does feature a built-in speaker system, it is noticeably smaller and less powerful than comparable models in order to keep the size down. If you’re looking for a keyboard to play out with rather than one to display in your living room, this keyboard will probably be right up your alley.

Although the Concert Grand voice is where this unit really excels, there are still a lot of tonal possibilities when you factor in split and layered keyboard modes. With all of the sounds the P105B can make at once, its 128 polyphony should be plenty to prevent note dropouts, even with liberal use of the included sustain pedal.

Built in Duet Partner

Another notable feature is the built in duet partner, which provides a musical accompaniment based on the notes and chords you play. Aside from its built-in speakers, the P105B has both stereo headphone and line level outputs, perfect for practicing at home, or plugging into the PA at a gig.

This keyboard is sure to appeal to the pianist looking for a more compact keyboard that they can easily packed up and brought out to gigs.

Although the loud keys can interfere when practicing quietly, it shouldn’t be an issue at stage volume levels. Its samples sound significantly better than those of some keyboards in the same price range.

Although it is loaded with features to impress more accomplished pianists, there is little student assistance if you want to learn to play with the P105B. There is no LED screen, just a few buttons and a volume slider, but USB MIDI connectivity allows you to use the keyboard to a computer to control software instruments.

If you want great sound quality in a gig-ready package without a lot of extra bells and whistles, the P105B might be the digital piano for you.