Yamaha PSR E233 Portable Keyboard Review

yamaha psr e233

The price of portable keyboard Yamaha PSR E233 ranges between 100-130$ , the price is very low for something of this quality, so buying this is definitely worth all the money spent. This also makes a perfect gift for a child or any music-loving person.

A lot of people have this certain goal to learn at least one instrument in their lifetime. There are some who continue and even make a career out of it, while there are also some who just go past this phase in their life. One of the instruments that are usually the choice of first time musicians is the keyboard. Alongside the guitar and drums, learning to play the keyboard is one skill that many aspire.

Learning how to play the keyboard is best done using a portable keyboard before going on to the real piano. These are way cheaper and are relatively easy to operate, and with the right portable keyboard, you an easily transition from this to using an authentic grand piano with relative ease.

One of the best to use when just starting to learn playing the keyboard is the Yamaha PSR Series PSR E233 61-Key Portable Keyboard. This product has a lot of features that surely beginners will find useful.

Product Detail

The Yamaha PSR Series PSR E233 61-Key Portable Keyboard is another quality product from the world’s top producer of the best musical instruments. It has the basic features needed from a portable keyboard and more that will surely make it easily the best one to start your music journey with.

It has an ultra-wide stereo that produces a clear sound. For a portable keyboard, the quality of the sound that comes out is above par.

It also features a lot of programmed voices, digital effects, and styles that are all of high quality. It has an astounding 385 natural-sounding voices and accompaniment styles amount to 100. These can be mixed and matched to create music that is truly yours.

Practice means perfect, and with this product, you can practice all you want with the 102 built-in songs that you can play to hone your keyboard playing skills. It also has a portable grand button you can use whenever you want the sound of a grand piano to fill the air while you play away.A concert hall like ambience is also given by the deep reverb effects given off by this keyboard.

The Yamaha Education Suite (YES) is available in this model, making it even easier to learn and improve on your keyboard skills. All you have to do to start using the YES is to go online and register your unit on their official website and you can now start looking for songs to practice online.

Technical Detail

  • Dimensions – 42.1 x 16.1 x 6.4 inches
  • Weight – less than 15 pounds
  • Over 100 built-in songs
  • With 385 high quality voices and 100 accompaniment styles
  • Save electricity with its Auto Power Off mode
  • Advanced YES installed
  • Amazingly clear and good quality wide stereo
  • Digital effects for creative and unique music


Yamaha designs the Yamaha PSR Series PSR E233 61-Key Portable Keyboard especially for beginners, but this does not mean that the professional level keyboard players will not see this of any use.

The advanced YES installed into this product makes it the perfect portable keyboard for start up musicians. This will surely help them learn how to improve and play better. Through its YES, you can play songs and practice more and more up until the time everything is improved and there is a noticeable positive change in your playing skills.

Another great thing with it is its Auto Power Off mode that helps you save electricity without making much of any effort. It saves the electricity for you. Other keyboards do not have this feature. What happens is that after a long time of being left running, the keyboard starts to overheat, but with this product that will never be a possibility. It automatically turns off on its own after some time of being idle. Not only do you save money from your bills, but also keep your keyboard working better and longer.

With the number of styles, voice and digital effects that come with the whole package, you can make a lot of unique music that you can call truly yours. Pair them up or mix them together, there is no limit to the kind of music you can produce with such a useful portable keyboard.


An AC power cord does not come with the whole package and should be bought separately. This is the main issue with some of those who have already bought this product.Buying a separate power cord only means another expense. Yet, this is not really a problem. With only 6 AA sized batteries, you can already use the Yamaha PSR E233, just make sure that you always have back-up batteries just in case.

Who should buy it?

If you are looking for the best gift for your kid, then this is the perfect product for you. It has everything that a kid can ever want in a portable keyboard. It has the basic features that you will need even when just starting to learn to play the keyboard.

Whether you are just a starting or expert level keyboard player, surely this will be of perfect use to you.

Starters will definitely find its advanced YES a great help for learning the keyboard. The advanced version that comes with this will also be the best complement for any other existing keyboard lesson you or your child may be receiving. It will indeed help improve technique and help foster an innate creativity both in children and adults.

Expert keyboard players will definitely appreciate the styles, voices and special effects in this keyboard. This is surely the best travel companion for unplanned trips since it is quite light to carry around as compared to some premium keyboards that are just too heavy to bring during trips.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy it because it has all the basic features you will need from whatever portable keyboard. The price will always be something that any consumer will consider before making a purchase. When it comes to the best bang for your buck, this is really the best buy that you will get for a Yamaha portable keyboard.

This also makes a perfect gift for a child or any music-loving person.

It has been receiving a lot of good reviews online proving that those who have already made their purchase are contented with what they got. This is something that makes a lot of users happy, and surely a lot more will find it the same.